How to Make these Fun and Fabulous Flag Cookies

How to Make Simple Flag Cookies with 2 Easy Steps | The Bearfoot Baker

A few weeks ago I decided to make flag cookies for July 4th and I wanted to use a fun cookie cutter to make them so I called my friend Tracy at Whisked Away Cutters. I told her I wanted to order some cutters and I explained what I had in mind. The more we talked, the more the design morphed into something way better than what I had in mind. Tracy designed a wavy cutter and a new wonky star and I love them.

How to Make Simple American Flag Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

These cutters are perfect and they fit together like a puzzle to create a super cute flag platter. You can make several flags in different sizes, or stack them, or cover a table with one giant flag cookie that will make a very unique cookie display on the 4th of July. To make them, all you have to do is pipe the outline and flood them. Seriously, Tracy couldn’t have made a better cutter for us. Thanks, Tracy!

Supplies for Flag Cookies:
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The Flag, Beach Towel and Wave Shaped Cutter Cutter-by Whisked Away Cutters 
Wonky Star Cookie Cutters– Whisked Away Cutters
15 Second Royal Icing in the Following Colors in a Piping Bag fitted with a #2 tip:

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue

Sugar Cookie Recipes
Royal Icing Recipe

Flag Cookie Tutorial:

For this project, I used the 2 3/4″ star cookie cutter and the 2 1/2″ wave cutter. I honestly think any size you use would make a pretty platter but I just liked the size of that one and thought it would work well in my photos.

How to Make an American Flag Cookie Platter in 2 Simple Steps | The Bearfoot Baker
To begin, bake some sugar cookies and let them cool off.
Then, outline and flood half of the wavy cookies with white and half of them with red icing.
Let them dry completely.

Repeat the steps for the star cookies. I made several in red, white, and blue to place beside the flag cookies on my display table. That cute little wonky star can be turned different ways to make different shaped stars that will add some fun to your platter.

How to Make Flag Cookies in 2 Easy Steps

I found this amazing picture on the web and I had to share it. It’s amazing and screams “America” to me. I could look at all day. Check out those amazing eyes! (Source)

How to Make Simple American Flag Cookies in 2 Simple Steps | The Bearfoot Baker
If you are looking for a simple cutter and a fun design for a patriotic holiday, you should try these cutters. The star and the wave will make your simple design a unique cookie platter that everyone will love. I can’t wait to see what you all make with them.

If you want to make a platter of flag cookies with an aged look, here is the How to Distress Sugar Cookies for an Aged Look. There is a video that will show you exactly what to do.

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