How to Paint a Cookie Video

I made a “How to Paint a Cookie” video a few months back and haven’t had time to post it until now. They were from the Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss set I made a few months ago.


How to Paint a Cookie by

Some of those cookies were made with icing and some of them were painted. I did however use my Kopykake projector for the entire set. I made a how-to  “KopyKake Tutorial Video” and thought I would share how I made the rest of the cookies.

The elephant is made with royal icing and the others are painted. If you notice, the worm doesn’t look all that wonderful. I could have made another one but, I wanted to show you you need to paint in thin layers. If you use to many colors without adding water, that is what will happen.

Supplies for How to Paint a Cookie Video:

Paintbrushes (this set and, this set)
AmeriColor Gel Colors
Paper towel
A Dry Iced Cookie
This 10 “-Well Rounded Plastic Palette for my colors is great for painting. It is easy to wash and it has several wells for your colors so add a tiny amount of AmeriColor and a little water on the tip of my brush and begin painting.

I was a decorative painter for years but, that was many, many moons ago. I always wanted to paint on cookies but, didn’t really get brave enough to do it until I saw Arty McGoo at Cookie Con and she was amazing. She did an awesome presentation that blew us away and ended with this video. She inspired me to grab my paintbrush again and it feels awesome! Thanks, Liz! You are incredible!


In the video, I use a script liner brush to make the lines. It is a brush with long bristles that allows a lot of control. To load the brush (put the color on it) there is no need to dip the entire brush. Just us a small amount on the tip. I first dip the tip into a drop of water and then, touch it to a paper towel to remove the excess water before I dip it into the color I want to paint with.

When you paint a cookie be careful not to add a lot of water because it will break down the icing. It only takes a little water for painting.

Paint on a Cookie by

If the bristles on the tip look wide and are not a fine point, place the tip of the brush on your palette or a plate and twist as you pull the brush towards you slightly. This will make a nice point for detailing and writing.

I plan on making more painted cookies in the near future and I will share everything with you and answer questions you might have.  Are you ready for the video?  I used a KopyKake Projector to project the image onto the cookie and you can see a tutorial on it here.

 How to paint a cookie video:

I hope you liked the video and feel brave enough to paint a cookie now. I look forward to more tutorials I can’t wait to paint a cookie for every holiday. The colors dry fast and you don’t have to wait overnight for your icing to dry. I can’t wait to see what you paint.

Bear hugs,