Airbrush with Stencils


Sometimes, it is good to be messy but, when you have spent hours baking and mixing icing, you don’t want messy cookies. Well, I am a messy decorator. I poke holes in my icing and spill disco dust on the floor. I can’t help it. It is the way I’m wired. I do however know how to airbrush with stencils without making a mess. As a matter of fact, I think it is kind of neat.

How to Airbrush with Stencils
I had to find a way to be “not so messy” when I airbrush with stencils. I don’t want to smear it or smudge color all over my cookies so I made a cookie guard and it works perfectly!

Airbrush with Stencils Supply List:

Transparency Paper
Martha Stewart Circle Cutter
Blue Painters Tape
Cookie Stencil


Martha Stewart’s circle cutter is a handy little tool. I purchased mine at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon so it was about $8. I use it more than I thought I would but, you don’t have to have one to complete this project.

Make a hole in the center of the transparency paper slightly smaller than the stencil.


Then, place the stencil under the transparency paper. Tape into place with the painter’s tape. Repeat on the other side.


You could trim the paper down a little if you want but, I left mine this way. I know that my cookie is completely covered and safe from my messiness.


Remember the circle you cut out? Keep it so you can use it to cover areas on your stencil you don’t want to be sprayed. Easy as can be.


Using this handy dandy little stencil guard, I made these for Glorious Treats. I was so excited when she asked me to hang on her blog today. Click here for a full tutorial on the Colorful 3D Easter Bunny Cookies. It was an honor to be her guest.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an airbrush gun because Sweet Sugar Belle shows how to stencil with icing on these adorable Vintage Floral Easter Bunny Cookies. She is amazing.

Happy Creating,