Do you Want to Make a Happy Brain Cookie

Do you Want to Make a Happy Brain Cookie with me? I know I made This Is MY BRAIN and You Can’t Have it, Bouncer cookies not very long ago,  but I was surfing the internet for a few cutters and I found this adorable Kawaii Brain Cookie Cutter at The Sweet Design Shoppe. Once I saw how cute it was I had to have it. There are some pretty amazing cookie cutters in that shop so I bought a few. I bet you’ll find cutters you like if you take a look, but for now, let’s decorate a happy brain cookie.

Do You Want to Make a Happy Brain Cookie | The Bearfoot Baker


Supply List for a Happy Brain Cookie:
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Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe
Half Batch of Fondant Recipe– You can make your own fondant or you can buy a small package of pre-colored black fondant because you don’t need very much.  You may not want to make a full or half a batch but if you do here’s the recipe for a Small Marshmallow Fondant Recipe.

Cookie Cutters:
Kawaii Brain Cookie Cutter

Royal Icing Colors:
(These gel colors are The Countess Gel Colors)
Countess Pink GelYou’ll need 15-Second icing to outline and flood the cookies and another piping bag with thick icing to make the brain design. 
Positively Purple 15-Second icing for the tumor. You don’t have to make the tumor on the cookie, but I think it’s a good brain flower. 

Royal Icing Transfer Patterns:
(You should make these about a week before you make the brain cookies so they’ll be nice and dry.)
Medium Candy Decoration Glasses
Medium Royal Icing Eye Template


Tipless Decorating Bags:

Fan-I learned from Sweet Sugarbelle to dry my cookies in front of a fan so they dry a little quicker and they’ll dry with a shine. Thanks, Callye!
Roxy & Rich Hybrid Sparkle Dust – Satin White 
Spray Bottle for the Sparkle Dust

Cookie Turntable Swivel for Cookies and the Minimat

Do You Want to Know How to Make Cute Happy Brain Cookie | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline the brain with the 15-Second pink royal icing and let it dry for about ten minutes.
  • Flood the cookie with the same icing and use the turkey lacer or toothpick to push the icing into place and pop the air bubbles.
  • Let the cookie dry completely before you add the details.

Do You Want to Make a Cute Happy Brain Cookie | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Use the thick pink royal icing to make the lines for the brain and I know they aren’t called lines but it seems to work for the cookies. 
  • Be sure to make the lines for the left side of the brain and then for the right side of the brain because they aren’t connected. 
  • As you can see in the picture, my brain had the purple tumor before I started making the lines. I didn’t want to decorate around them so I started piping the purple on the lines once they were piped. You can do it, either way, you’d like. I do like the way the tumor looks settled into the brain on the image above, but I chose to take the easy way.
  • Now before you add the eyes put the candy glasses on first. If not, you may place the eyes in the wrong spot and you won’t be able to add the glasses and that would be sad.
  • Place the glasses over the eyes.
  • Spray the entire cookie with the Roxy & Rich Hybrid Sparkle Dust – Satin White and you can place it in a Spray Bottle for the Sparkle Dust and let the cookies have it!

Do You Want to Make A Fun Happy Brain Cookie | The Bearfoot Baker

  • It’s time to work on the cute little smile because the smile is what makes them so cute.
  • You can make a small batch of fondant or you can purchase some black fondant in a small package. You can find it at a craft store or a baking supply store and it’s a simple way to get little smiles on cookies like this.
  • Roll out the black fondant and cut a small section for the mouth.
  • Once you have the mouth paint a little water on the back and place it on the brain cookie. Use the paintbrush to push it into place. 
  • Let the brain cookie dry completely. 

Do you Want to Make a Happy Brain Cookie Video:

I hope you’ve liked the brain cookies we’ve made and I promise this is all the brains I’ll make for a while. They were just so darn cute I had to add these to the Bouncer collection.

Let's Make a Happy Brain Cookie | The Bearfoot Baker

Y’all have fun and I’ll be back with more cookies and podcasts because I’m totally having fun decorating! See ya soon! (Get it? Glasses and eyes? See ya? Okay I thought I’d try to be a little funny.)

Bear hugs,