How to Make Superdad Hero Cookies for Father’s Day

How to Make Superdad Hero Cookies for Father's Day with

Is your dad a Superdad? Mine is. As a kid, I remember he would stop on the side of the road to help anyone who had car trouble or lend a hand to a neighbor in need. He worked a lot but always made time to help people and still managed to take me and my brother fishing. I honestly don’t know how he managed to do everything he did.

If I could have decorated cookies as a kid I would have made my dad some superdad hero cookies. As a matter of fact, when I was designing this set I wanted it to look like a kid helped make them. I don’t have kiddos that live in my house anymore because all of my kids are grown and live on their own so I when I made these superdad hero cookies I decorated like a kid. It was carefree and wonderful!How to Make Superdad Hero Cookies for Father's Day via www.thebearfootbaker.comThere is something fun about decorating like a kid. It is kind of like that song about dancing like no one is watching. Well, I decorated like no one was watching and I had a blast! I didn’t worry about a pattern or outlines. I just decorated with a happy heart. I hope you get a chance to try it yourself.

Supplies for Superdad Hero Cookies for Father’s Day:

Girl Cookie Cutter from Karen’s Cookies
15 Second Icing in the following colors

I usually buy a container of orange and black sprinkles after Halloween when they are on clearance for a dollar or two. Clearance sprinkles are the best and are great to use as eyes on your cookies!

How to Make Superdad Hero Cookies for Father's Day by www.thebearfootbaker.comIf you have a superhero cookie cutter you can use it to make these but Karen’s Cookies Girl Cutter works well for our Superdad Hero Cookies. The dress can easily become the cape and you can free style the hair any way you want.

  • First, draw the pattern on the cookie with a food safe marker. Try to be carefree and don’t make a pattern.
  • Next, add some red icing for the cape and one shoe.
  • Then, outline and flood the face.
  • Add the eyes and let it dry for about 10 minutes.

How to Make Superdad Hero Cookies for Father's Day

  • Outline and flood the other shoe with the red icing.
  • Let the icing dry overnight.
  • Then, flood the superdad costume with the blue icing.
  • While the blue icing is wet, add the red superdad badge.
  • Add the brown hair and use a toothpick to make it look a little messy like he has been flying around being awesome all day.
  • Let it dry for several hours and add a “D” to the badge.

How to Make Superdad Hero Cookies for Father's Day by thebearfootbaker.comThis Superdad Hero Cookie can be decorated with precision and more detail if you want yours to look less carefree and kid-like but this is exactly what I had in mind when I began decorating. If I ever decide to make a superhero birthday platter, I will tweak this guy and really add some detail but for Father’s Day, these are perfect.

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