Mind-Blowing Cookie Decorating Isn’t Difficult with a Little Help

Mind-blowing cookie decorating isn’t difficult with a little help from someone who had the same struggles as you’ve had. Yes, years ago when I started I didn’t know about 15-Second Consistency nor did I know what caused craters or why my icing didn’t dry with a nice shine. As far as baking sugar cookies, I knew how to follow a recipe, but I didn’t know how to make the surface flat or how to keep my cookies from spreading as they baked.

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Well, guess what? You can learn all kinds of things with the Sugar Cookie Recipe Video Course and the  Royal Icing Video Course!

I’m so excited to finally tell you about my cookie dream. I had a dream a few years ago about having cookie classes people could take from home so I started working on The Cookie Network. Well, as most of you know I became sick because I had a massive brain tumor. I named him Bouncer and you can find more about Bouncer if you look at my  This is MY BRAIN and You Can’t Have It Bouncer! blog post.

I’m better now thanks to the prayers of my family, friends, and the amazing cookie community. You all saved me and I’ll be forever grateful!

You may be wondering how that is connected to mind-blowing cookie decorating. I wanted to start a cookie network where people could learn about cookies in the comfort of their own homes. I wanted to create some classes for beginners that include some of the Bearfoot Basics and also focus on some intermediate and advanced classes. We are going to make a lot of fun, beautiful, and creative cookies for all skill levels.

sugar cookie recipe

Don’t stress if you’re a beginner because you will be able to access videos that fit your skill levels and you can grow at your own pace. If you’re an intermediate or advanced decorator we’ll have videos that are made just for you! I’ll be adding videos and ebooks you can purchase and there will be free content added each week. As a matter of fact, I added three free Royal Icing Transfer Patterns last night so go download them now!

How do you find The Cookie Network? Great question!

sugar cookie recipe, ebook, royal icing, royal icing video, how to, the bearfoot baker

Look at the Menu Bar at the top of this post and click The Cookie Network! It’s that simple. You’ll find free classes, classes you can purchase, and Royal Icing Transfers. Every royal icing transfer I add will be free! Trust me, there will be something for everyone and it will be updated each week!

Don’t worry! I’ll be adding tutorials and fun things on the blog often. If there is something you want to see let me know and I’ll be happy to make it for you. Some will appear here and some will appear on The Cookie Network.

The Sugar Cookie Recipe Video

sugar cookie recipe, ebook, royal icing, royal icing video, how to, the bearfoot baker

Today we are going to talk about The Sugar Cookie Recipe Video and The Royal Icing Video. I think we need to start at the beginning so I’m sharing the recipes and tips I use each time I bake cookies and make royal icing. I think this is super exciting, but it’s not the most exciting part. I’ve also made an ebook for each video so if you don’t want to purchase the video you’ll be able to find all the information in the ebooks which are loaded with photos and information. But that’s not all! If you decide to buy any video on The Cookie Network you’ll receive the matching ebook for free!

sugar cookie recipe, ebook, royal icing, royal icing video, how to, the bearfoot baker

Yep! That’s right! I want you to have the video and ebook with the written instructions, images, icing weights, and formulas where you can have all the information and tools at your fingertips. All this information is in the videos but sometimes I like to have a printed version and thought you’d like that as well.

sugar cookie recipe, ebook, royal icing, royal icing video, how to, the bearfoot baker

Isn’t this exciting! I wanted to start at the beginning with the Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing Videos and ebooks. You will find a ton of information to help you decorate your cookies. Right now those basic things will help explain the important things you need to know about cookie decorating and you can build on them each time you decorate. Also, the royal icing transfers are great practice for outlining and flooding. The transfers will give you little candy decorating to drop on your cookies while you decorate. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Cookie Cutters for Making Have some Happy Cookies Just by Flipping Your Dough | The Bearfoot Baker

So, I’d love you to visit The Cookie Network where you can learn the basic, but very important skills so you can create any cookie your dreaming about.

Do you want a great sugar cookie recipe?
You’ll find one on The Cookie Network!

Do you want to know how to make the surface of your cookies nice and flat so the royal icing won’t fall off the sides as you decorate?
You’ll find the information on The Cookie Network!

Do you want to know about Mind-Blowing Cookie Decorating?
Do you ask yourself about Royal icing?
It doesn’t have to be difficult and I can help!

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Royal icing kind of has its own language and I’ll help you understand it. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it!

royal icing, the bearfoot baker, mind-blowing cookie decorating

What are you waiting for? Go to The Cookie Network, grab the free royal icing transfers, and check out the classes and ebooks that are available. There are more videos, ebooks, and royal icing transfers on the way so hold on tight! We are going to bake the world better with delicious fun sugar cookies!

I love sharing the things that I’ve learned through the years. Making mind-blowing cookie decorating isn’t difficult if you learn some of the basic skills. Before you know it you’ll be making sugar cookies that are fun, beautiful, and make you happy. It’s a creative way to share some love with family, friends, and even clients. Sharing sugar cookies makes my heart full and I hope you’ll join me here and on The Cookie Network!

Bear hugs,