How to Make Awesome Olivia Owl Sugar Cookies

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Can you believe it? Time sure flies so why not make some sugar cookies that can also fly? Olivia Owl Sugar Cookies will be an amazing addition to your Valentine’s Day cookie platter. She’s simple to decorate; adding a few heart sugar cookies to the set would make a great platter. I’d go as far as to say it’s OWL-some! Get it? OWL-some?  Anyway, let’s make some owl cookies. 

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Supply List:
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Cookie Cutter:
  • Olivia Owl Cookie Cutter by Bearfoot Baker– Available in SIX Sizes! Head over to my Etsy Shop because I’m going to add a lot of new cookie cutters soon. I think you’ll like what I’ve been working on so be sure to check it out. 
Royal Icing Colors:
Royal Icing Transfer Eyes in Six Different Sizes:
Airbrush System and Airbrush Color:

How to Make Awesome Olivia Owl Sugar Cookies Video:

Enjoy the video!

Valentine’s Day Cookie Quotes for Owls:

Before we start baking and making our royal icing let’s talk Valentine’s Day cookie quotes. Here are a few of my faves. If you have a Valentine’s Day quote for owls please leave a comment below because we’d love to know your faves!  

  • Owl You Need is LOVE!
  • You’re a HOOT!
  • I Will OWL-Ways Love YOU!
  • WHOO’s My Favorite Valentine? You are!
  • Owl Be Your Friend FOREVER!
  • Let’s decorate some Olivia Owl Sugar Cookies!

  • Begin by baking your cookies and letting them cool completely.
  • Make your royal icing and mix your colors.
  • Outline your owl cookies with the tan royal icing. I used an outline consistency for the edges and a flood consistency to fill it in. If you like using one consistency then use what makes you happy.
  • After you outline and flood the owl cookies, place them in front of a fan to help the icing surface dry without sinking and it’ll also help the royal icing dry with a shine. 
  • Let the icing dry completely before you move on to the next steps.
Time for a little splatter on our Olivia Owl Sugar Cookies!

  • Mix a little White food gel color with a little water.
  • Dip the fan brush into the mixture and dab off the excess on a paper towel.
  • Flick the food gel and water mixture over the top of the Olivia Owl sugar cookies. Hold the turkey lacer or scribe tool about six inches above the cookies. Hold the fan brush over the turkey lacer and push it down towards the cookies to make the splatter. Be sure to cover the work surface or you’ll have white dots everywhere! Parchment paper works great for containing the splatter. 
  • Flick the owls until you’re happy with the way they look.

By the way, this is a super simple technique to add some fun color to your cookies. It’s one of my favorite decorating techniques. 

Add the eyes and some airbrush color:

Airbrushing is optional. The owls will look great with or without it.
Add the eyes:
  • Add a little royal icing where you want to add the royal transfer eyes. Add the eye and repeat for the pupil.
  • I didn’t take a picture for this step, but add a couple of white royal icing dots to each eye. 
  • Now add a little more icing and add the beaks.

You’re Olivia Owl Sugar Cookies are all done!

owl cookies, sugar cookies, owl sugar cookies, decorated sugar cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, royal icing, animal cookies

Which Valentine’s Day quote will you use if you make these? I like them all, but I think my favorite is “I Will OWL-Ways LOVE YOU!” I feel that way about y’all. You are the best and I’m sending you bear hugs and Valentine’s love all month! If you make owl cookies for Valentine’s Day let us know. I’d love to pop over and see what you OWL are doing!

I hope y’all have an amazing February and bake something delicious for those you love!

Bear hugs,