How to Make Some Cute Onesie Sugar Cookies with Pumpkins

It’s almost fall y’all! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to make a few onesie sugar cookies with some cute little pumpkins. These pumpkins are fun to make because you pipe wet royal icing onto wet royal icing. This is known as the “wet-on-wet” technique and it’s really fun.

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The key to the wet-on-wet technique is you need to work fast. Come on and I’ll show you how.

Supply List:
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Cookie Cutter:
Royal Icing Colors:
Airbrush System:
Airbrush Color:
  • Piping Bags
  • PME Tip #2 (optional-you can cut the end of the bag off if you don’t want to use a tip. I like using a tip because it feels like I have more control for piping the border on the cookie onesie sugar cookies.
  • Turkey Lacer to help you push the icing into place and to pop any air bubbles.

How to Make Some Cute Onesie Sugar Cookies with Pumpkins Video:

Enjoy the video!

Let’s decorate some onesie sugar cookies!

The Bearfoot Baker, onesie, sugar cookies, royal icing, decorated cookies

Once you’ve baked your cookies the decorating fun begins.

  • I like using outline and flood consistency royal icing and this is one reason why. Pipe a little outline consistency on the collar of the onesie sugar cookies and you can use a Thingamagenie, knife, or paintbrush to flatten the icing to add a lot of detail to your cookie. This one step will make the pj’s look like it has some dimension. It’s simple but it makes a big impact.
  • To help it look more realistic you can use your airbrush gun to make the icing look a little darker. If you don’t have an airbrush gun you can mix some icing a little bit darker. Or you can paint it with some food-gel color mixed with a little water. The darker icing will make the cookie look like a shadow.

The Bearfoot Baker, onesie, sugar cookies, royal icing, decorated cookies

If you want sleeveless onesie sugar cookies all you need to do is cut the sleeves off of the cookies before you bake them. It’s simple and will add a fun new look to your platter.

  • Outline your cookies with the orange royal icing.
  • Next, flood and be careful not to overflood them because we’re going to add white icing for the wet-on-wet technique.
  • While the orange icing is wet you will need to work fast and pipe the white icing pumpkins on the wet orange icing. Since both icings are wet and the white will settle into the orange and dry flat. That is all there is to the wet-on-wet icing technique. Aren’t your onesie sugar cookies cute?
  • If you’d like you can add a few dots here and there to make the design look full and complete.
  • Let the icing dry completely This could take anywhere from four to eight hours.

You’re all done! I know that Autumn is right around the corner but I couldn’t wait to make these onesie sugar cookies. I mean come on, who doesn’t love babies and fall?

Have fun decorating and I’ll be back soon with more fun cookie ideas.

Bear hugs,