How to Make Fun Red White and Blue Cookies

Fourth of July Cookies

Yesterday we made Simple Patriotic Wreath Cookies and today we’re making How to Make Fun Red White and Blue Cookies. Does it feel like July because it is! I like making these red white and blue cookies because it feels like the grill is hot and the fireworks are in the air. Let’s make a few more cookies so we can celebrate and enjoy the fireworks show! 

Cookies for July Fourth


Supply List for Red White and Blue Cookies:
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Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe

Cookie Cutters:

Royal Icing Colors:
(15-Second Royal Icing in tipless decorating bags)

Turkey Lacer
Tipless Decorating Bags: Truly Mad Plastic or at Flour Box Bakery 

Cookie Turntable Swivel for Cookies and the Minimat that goes with the Cookie Turntable Swivel for Cookies.

Parchment Paper Pattern for cookies

  • Trace your hexagon cookie and make the Canton for the flag.
  • Cut the lines on the pattern so you’ll be able to draw the lines on your cookies.

Add pattern to a cookie, July fourth cookies

  • Fold back every other line and draw your pattern on the cookies with a food-safe pen.
  • Now your pattern is on your hexagon cookie waiting for you to decorate it. 

sugar cookies with royal icing for July fourth

  • Outline the Canton area and outline and pipe it with the blue royal icing.
  • Add the white nonpareils while the icing is wet.
  • Let the icing dry overnight.
  • Next, pipe the second and fourth lines with the white royal icing and let it dry for a few more hours to prevent the colors from bleeding together. 
  • Outline and pipe the red royal icing and let the cookie dry overnight. 

How to Make Fun Red White and Blue Cookies Video

Here’s another video for you. I hope you enjoy it. 

Red White and Blue Patriotic Cookies

I have one more set of red white and blue cookies to share with you and I hope you get to enjoy them for the fourth!

What cookies are you making this year? Leave me a comment and let us know.

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