Santa Face Sugar Cookies That Will Make Everyone Happy

Santa face sugar cookies are here to make everyone happy! They’re easy to make and they’re waiting for you to dive in to make a few for those you know and love. They’re simple and the kids can help you make them so let’s get started!


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  • Santa Face Cookie Cutter – This cutter is a STIR Santa Nested Grip Cutter that comes in 3 Sizes. Almost any Santa face cookie cutter will work if you don’t have this cutter.
Royal Icing Colors:

Santa Face Sugar Cookies That Will Make Everyone Happy Video:

Enjoy the video!

Let’s get started.

Santa face sugar cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, Christmas Cookies

  • Begin by drawing the hat brim and Santa’s face on the sugar cookie. I use a few different food-safe pins and I really like them.
    The first is Sweet Sugarbelle’s Marker. I like it because it works well and the color is softer than black. It doesn’t bleed into my royal icing colors and that’s a tremendous gift to me.
    The other one is from The Cookie Countess and it’s her Black Fine Tip Food Marker. It does write with black food-safe ink, but it hasn’t bled into my royal icing. I haven’t had any issues and I love this marker.

Santa Face Sugar Cookie, The Bearfoot Baker, sugar cookie, royal icing, Christmas Cookie

  • Next, outline and flood the face with ivory-colored royal icing.
  • Use a turkey lacer to pop any air bubbles and to help push the icing into place.
It’s time to add the hat.

Santa Sugar Cookies, Cookies for Christmas

  • Outline and flood the hat with the red royal icing. 
  • Don’t forget to use the turkey lacer to help smooth out the icing and push it into place.
Do you use Luster Dust?

Santa's cute little cheeks, sugar cookie, The Bearfoot Baker, royal icing

  • Add Santa’s cute little cheeks. You can airbrush, paint, or use luster dust. I used Pink Heather Edible Luster Dust from Country Kitchen Sweetart. It worked well on Santa’s cheeks. All you need is a dry paintbrush and the luster dust. Dip the brush into the luster dust and rub it on the dry ivory royal icing. Tada! Santa has cute cheeks!
Time for his beard.

Santa Face Sugar Cookies

  • Outline and flood his beard and mustache with the white royal icing. I like to use an outline of royal icing on the edges and 10-15 seconds on the beard to fill the area.
  • Next, use a turkey lacer to remove the bubbles and smooth out the icing. 
  • Add royal icing to the ball and brim of the hat.
Time to make a huge mistake!

Santa Face Sugar Cookie

Okay. Time to admit the truth. I wanted Santa’s beard nice and smooth, but it didn’t happen because I stuck my finger in his beard. Then, I had to make a major change. I was sad at first, but in the end, I liked the results. What do you think? Is the texture good?

  • After you outline and flood the beard area let it dry for a few minutes.
  • While I was waiting for the beard to dry a little I decided to add wavy lines to the hat brim with the outline consistency of white royal icing and a #2 PME tip
  • I also added sanding sugar to the ball on Santa’s hat. I added a thick layer of royal icing and then some clear sanding sugar. What do you think? That small amount of sugar went a long way!
Time for the beard:
  • If you head over to my Instagram you can see how I messed up Santa’s beard. It wasn’t bad but it was enough to get me a little frustrated. What did I do? I grabbed a Thingamagenie and I chopped up all that pretty white royal icing. Guess what? I liked what I saw so I decided to do that to all of the Santa Face Sugar Cookies and I liked the way they turned out. Who knew a mistake could look so good?
  • Now it’s time to add the nose. Use the flesh-colored royal icing to add it. 
  • While it’s wet, add a white line as a highlight. 

Santa cookies

  • Outline and flood the mustache area with the white royal icing.

sugar cookies, royal icing

  • Add the eyebrows with the white outline consistency royal icing.
  • Use a food-safe marker to add the eyes.

I forgot to mention you can add a mouth and lips under the mustache if you’d like. I like it because it makes Santa look jolly! 

Well, there you go! See how easy it is to make cute Santa face sugar cookies?  You can make them for your family and friends in no time. This cookie is simple enough to decorate with children and they can give them to their teachers! Grab some cookie dough and have fun decorating!

Bear hugs,