Shrink Bags that are FDA Approved

Shrink Bags for Decorated Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

he n’tdnulHave you seen the FDA Approved Shrink Bags? If you haven’t, hold on to your hat because I am going to show you how amazing these things are. These little bags make packing cookies a breeze and will make your cookies look professional. You don’t have to design and print bag toppers, just place the cookies in the bag, seal it, and shrink it! Did I mention how much fun you can have while packing them up like a pro?

FDA Approved Shrink Bags | The Bearfoot Baker

If you are going to sell your cookies, they need to look good in the package as well as out of the package. We humans need to see ‘eye candy’ before we eat the ‘eye candy.’ If a package looks bad, people will move along to the one they think looks appealing. If it looks good, it must taste good. Sad I know because my cookie-packing skills haven’t always been flattering enough to show off all the time and effort I put into my decorating. But now, I don’t have anything to worry about and neither do you. It seems like all of the packing material has become more user-friendly and more flattering for our cookies.

That is why I can’t wait to show you these shrink bags. Guess how I found out about them? Yep! The Cookie Countess. Here is the video she made that made me start looking for the shrink bags. I didn’t have to look far because Paige Maloney over at The Cookie Paige told Hillary about them. Now, I am telling you. Don’t you love the cookie world!

Shrink Bag Video:

I hope you enjoy the video!

Shrink Bags:
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Poly Olefin Shrink Bags, 4 x 6, Clear
Mini Heat Gun

Shrink Bags | The Bearfoot Baker

If you are going to use the shrink bags you will need a heat gun. They cost about $20 which may seem like a lot but if you want to shrink-wrap your cookies, you need to buy one. Check your local craft stores because you can probably find it cheaper and won’t have to pay to ship.

Okay, now time to get started. If you are curious about the heat sealer I use, you can read all about it here.

Food Grade Shrink Bags | The Bearfoot Baker

After you place the cookie in the shrink bag and seal it with your heat sealer, place it upside down and on a cookie sheet. You don’t have to use a cookie sheet but that’s the way I like to do it. Be careful not to use the heat gun on anything that will melt. Not that it will melt, but why chance it.

Shrink Bags | The Bearfoot Baker

I messed up 2 bags before I got the hang of the gun and I didn’t move it around while I was using it. If you hold the gun in one spot it’ll make a hole in the bag. Oops! Once you know how far away to hold the heat gun, turn the cookie upside down and seal the edges first. I found when you start on the backside of the cookie, the front will look smoother and cleaner so you get the ‘eye candy’ look you want.

Shrink Bags for your Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

After the edges shrink up a bit, use the gun to shrink the backside.

Professional Cookie Packing with these Shrink Bags | The Bearfoot Baker

After you like the way the back looks, flip it over and use the heat gun to shrink the front side of the cookie bag.

Use Shrink Bags for your Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

From this angle, you can barely tell the cookie is in a nice neat package because the bag hugs the cookie.

Wrap your Cookies with Food Grade Shrink Bags | The Bearfoot Baker

I feel like I should warn you about how hot the end of the gun becomes when it is on, so don’t let the kiddos near this thing no matter how hard they beg you to shrink-wrap a cookie. WOW! The grandma’s side of me just came out! LOL

How to Use Shrink Bags on Decorated Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

See how professional these cookies look all packaged up and ready to ship or sell.

FDA Approved Shrink Bags are Perfect for Packing Decorated Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

I do want to mention one more thing before I begin decorating the large tray of cookies on my table. See the hole in the shrink bag on the two blue cookies? There is an ever-so-tiny hole on the top of the bag and the bottom of the bag. It is there so it will let the air escape when the heat seals the bag. If it wasn’t there, we would get a big old bubble in the bags. That wouldn’t be appealing at all!

Update-I will use the shrink bags for things like family get-togethers and birthday parties and even office parties. Since the bags have holes in them, I probably would not use them at a craft fair where people could touch and handle the cookies. I think you should use your own judgment as to what bag you use for each situation.

Well, that wraps it up for the heat sealer and the shrink bags. I know it is an investment, but in my opinion, it is well worth it because your cookies will look professional!

Here is more information on How to Ship Cookies Like a Pro or on the Heat Sealer.

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