Beginners Guide to Cookie Decorating

Christmas is a time for family, friends and baking cookies for everyone you know. We all have our favorite cookie recipes that have been passed down by families and friends. I know you have found amazing recipes on Pinterest. Decorating sugar cookies is a little more complicated than baking up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate chip cookies are delicious but, aren’t as pretty as decorated sugar cookies. When I began making cookies, I searched the web high and low looking for some kind of beginner guide to cookie decorating, but I never found one.



I wanted to make a guide for those looking for tips and tricks that will help take some of the mystery out of making cookies. I have gathered several posts that I’ve made over the last two years and put them all in one place for you. This list will show you everything from how to roll out sugar cookie dough to how to fix mistakes when decorating cookies. I hope you find something that will help answer your questions.

Beginners Guide to Cookie Decorating

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sugar cookie recipe and gingerbread recipe


Royal Icing Recipes

royal icing recipe, half a batch of royal icing

Let’s Learn a Little Bit About Butter:

salted or unsalted butter, quickly bring butter to room temperature, soften butter

Roll, Roll, Roll that Dough…

How to Roll Cookie Dough and a Great Rolling Pin

Tips to Help You With Your Sugar Cookie Dough

BegFlour Sifter and Perfect Shaped Cookies

Re-Roll Cookie Dough and Flip that Dough

Spreading Cookie Dough and Flatten Cookies

Egg Freshness and Balking Powder Freshness

Baking Sheets and Dry Cookie Cutters

beginner cookie decorating information

  • Basic Cookie Decorating Supplies
  • Cookie cutters- Some of our favorite tools are cookie cutters and you can get them almost anywhere these days. My suggestion is to look around online and see how people get creative with shapes. Take these turkey cookies for example. You can use a pineapple cookie-cutter, ornament cookie cutter, Santa cookie cutter, or even a dress cookie cutter and turn it into turkey cookies. So when you shop, be creative!

Royal Icing:

royal icing consistency and how to make royal icing with a hand mixer

how to thicken and thin royal icing consistency

cream of tartar and a royal icing quick tip

decorating bottles and air bubbles

Let’s Decorate:

outline and flood and fix a mistake in royal icing

outline and flood a cookie and how to stencil on a cookie

furry bears and parchment paper cones

Fun Decorating Supplies:

royal icing transfer and how to make candy eyes

royal icing transfers sleighs and gingerbread men


Diy sprinkles and jimmies

I hope my little beginner’s guide to cookie decorating will help you get comfortable decorating cookies. My blog is full of information and I’m updating it every day. If you’ve got questions please ask because I’ll point you in the right cookie direction!

Bear hugs,