The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #6 The Color Yellow

I love color! Playing with color makes me very happy! I think that is one reason I like making cookies so much. The possibilities and color choices are endless. Well, let me just say you all post the most beautiful blue cookies last week! I was in heaven!  I saw shades of blue on cookies that I have never seen before. You all are BRILLIANT decorators!! You guys make “The Bearfoot Baker Link Parties the BEST EVER and I love ya for it!! So, do you have any yellow cookies? Well, link them up and let the party begin!

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party via

Today’s theme is “The Color Yellow!”

Link as many cookie photos as you want!

If you are not sure how to upload a photo, you can see how here.

Now for the rules:
1. It must be a cookie you created!!
2. The link must go directly to your post, or your photo and not your Facebook page or homepage.
3. Nice stuff only, seriously, kids could be watching! And Santa is always watching!
4. Please no ads for shops, giveaways, etc…

If you see something you like, leave a nice comment because we all like to hear nice things! I would love to leave a comment with everyone that submits a photo, but I am working hard to prepare for the arrival of over a thousand kids to come to camp this summer.

I am checking in and LOVING everything you all are making! Thank you so much for joining the party. I love Y’all!!!

The theme for next week is RED!

Bear hugs,