Tie Cookies with Goldfish

I have a thing for ugly ties. I don’t know what it is, but when I see a man wearing a weird tie it makes me giggle and puts me in a good mood. It isn’t just the look of the tie that makes me happy. I want to know the story behind it. How did this business man that is trying to sell me a car end up wearing a tie in the shape of an ugly fish (photo below). I wonder if his wife picked it out for him thinking, “He didn’t take the trash out so I am going to buy him this crazy ties and tell him how awesome it looks on him” while laughing inside like an evil villain from an old movie. Or it could have been a gift from one of his kids or maybe he lost a bet.

Anyway, an old ugly fish tie can inspire some tie cookies that will make you giggle!Simple Tie Cookies | The Bearfoot BakerAre you ready for the tie that inspired these tie cookies? I bet you aren’t!The Fish Tie that Inspired these Fish Tie Cookies | The Bearfoot BakerI told you you weren’t ready! LOL If you want to buy this tie, you can find it here. I think we need to stock up for Christmas! Hehehe

Supplies for Tie Cookies:

Sugar Cookie RecipeChocolate Roll Out Cookies or Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe – Full Batch of Royal Icing or a Half a Batch of Royal Icing

Supplies for the Cookies and Icing:
Neck Tie Cookie Cutter – Here or here
Gold Fish Royal Icing Transfers & Template
Toothpick, Cookie Scraper (Boo Boo Stick) or Turkey Lacer – To help get the icing into the corners and pop those annoying little bubbles in the icing

Supplies for the Icing:
Blue 15 Second Royal Icing – I used AmeriColor Sky Blue
White 15 Second Icing
Decorating bag or Bottle
2 – #2 Decorating Tips

To make these cookies place the icing into a decorating bag or bottle and fit it with a #2 decorating tip.

Tie Cookies with Fish | The Bearfoot BakerReady to make them with me?

  • Begin by outlining the cookies with the blue icing.
  • Flood the knot of the tie with the blue icing.
  • Let it dry for about 10 minutes or long enough for the top layer of the icing to crust over.
  • Flood the rest of the tie.
  • While the icing is wet, add a few bubbles with the white icing.
  • Drop a fish royal icing transfer onto the tie while the blue icing is wet.
  • Let the cookies dry overnight.

Tie Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

I think I am going to make a bunch of these cookies to pass out for Halloween treats! I think the kids will remember what house has the crazy fish tie cookies and the crazy lady that handed them out! Man I love Halloween!

Bear hugs,