Valentine’s Day Cookies -I Mustache You for a Kiss

I have to tell you something. I sometimes get things on my mind and I can’t let them go! I am like a lab puppy that wants to play ball with you. I look at the item and become completely mesmerized by it. These  Valentine’s Day cookies are Exhibit A.

Valentine's Day CookiesI saw these cookies at Cookie Con and I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame. They were made by Jeanette & Laurie who own and operate Sugar Bliss. Their cookies are beautiful and creative. Also, Jeanette & Laurie are such nice ladies. I contacted them and asked them if I could do a tutorial on Valentine’s Day Cookies like their famous lip cookies. I explained that I have become obsessed with them and they were sweet and gave me their permission! Theirs are so much better than mine but, I gave it my best shot.

You seriously have to go to their site because they are so super talented! I know I make cookies but, if I ever get in a pinch and need to place an order, I am going to order from them.

Supplies for Valentine’s Day Cookies:

Red Cupcake Liners
Favor Bags
Paper Straws
Cookie Sticks
Mustache Cutter
Lip Cutter
Red Disco Dust
Paintbrush to remove the Disco Dust

**UPDATE** Since I made this post we have learned that disco dust is not food safe because it is made with tiny pieces of plastic. There is a food safe version you can make instead and you can find the recipe is here. Although  it is not as shiny as Disco Dust, it is 100% food safe. I will now use Disco Dust on craft items that will not be eaten and use the Sparkle Dust on cookies and cakes.

How to Flood Sugar CookiesFirst, outline and flood the lip cookies and let the dry overnight. It is important when you make cookies with Disco Dust that your bottom layer is completely dry so you can remove the excess Disco Dust from unwanted places on the cookies. You will see what I am talking about in a minute.

Lip CookiesNext, make a kissed lip print with red icing. My icing was a bit on the thin side but it worked. I didn’t use a pattern for this, I just followed the edge of the cookies the way I thought lips should be. I think this would make a cute Valentine’s Day cookie if you decide to stop here.

How to Use Disco Dust on a Cookie

If you decided to cover the red lips with Disco Dust you can place the cookie over a coffee filter or parchment paper so it will be easy to add the leftover dust back in the container. It is expensive so we don’t want to waste any. I think I first saw Bridgett from Bake at 350° use a coffee filter for sprinkles and Disco Dust. It works great. She is so smart!

Open the jar of disco dust and cover the entire lip area. I know some people will not eat Disco Dust. There are some strong opinions on both sides of the argument but, use it if you want and don’t if you don’t. You can always make a sparkly cookie for a decoration if you don’t want to eat it or you could use sanding sugar. I will leave that up to you.

Valentine's Day CookiesSee what I mean about making sure the base layer of the cookie is dry before you add the second layer? Disco Dust is MESSY! But, if your base layer is dry, all you have to do is use a small paintbrush to dust away the unwanted particles. Now let your Valentine’s Day cookies dry completely.

I Mustache you for a kissI wanted to dress these cookies up a bit so I placed paper straws on the cookie sticks, baked some cupcakes in cute cupcake liners, and stuck the cookie pops in the cupcakes. But, Mr. Mustache needed a bow tie. Don’t you think it made him a little cutter.

For the party favors, I made a bunch of Hershey Kisses Cookies and placed them into favor bags.

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Happy Valentine’s Day,