Candy Corn Cookie Pops

How to Make Cute Candy Corn Cookie Pops | The Bearfoot Baker

This is the first time I have used buttercream frosting on a sugar cookies and I love it! You should give it a try because you won’t have anything to worry about. No colors bleeding together. No drying time before you add your next color. Nothing! It seemed like a little cookie magic was taking place on my kitchen table!
Candy Corn Cookie Pops | The Bearfoot BakerThe only problem I found with using buttercream on sugar cookies is stacking the cookies once they are made. If they are stacked, even hours later, they can get smashed. My solution was to make cookie pops so they would be on stick instead of a platter.

Supplies for Candy Corn Cookie Pops:

Sugar Cookies
Candy Corn Cookie Cutter
Cookie Pop Sticks
Decorating Bags
The following Decorating tips:

Buttercream Frosting in the following colors:

  • White
  • Orange
  • Yellow

When coloring buttercream frosting or royal icing it is best if you use a gel food color such as Wilton or AmeriColor instead of a liquid food such as McCormick color you get from the grocery store. The reason being the liquid food color will add liquid to your icing and frosting and mess with the consistency. Food gels will thin it slightly but work very well. How to Make Fun Candy Corn Cookie Pops | The Bearfoot Baker
Bake your sugar cookies on a cookie pop stick by placing a stick on a baking sheet and then lay the cutout candy corn dough on top. Bake according to your recipe directions. Once the cookies are baked the stick will hold the cookie.

Allow the cookies to cool completely before you begin decorating them.

With the leaf tip #352 make a few squiggly lines of icing on the tip of the candy corn cookie.Easy Candy Corn Cookie Pops | The Bearfoot BakerUse a turkey lacer, toothpick or a Boo Boo stick to wipe the excess frosting off of the side of the cookie.

Fun Candy Corn Cookie Pops | The Bearfoot BakerNext, add a few squiggly lines with the orange icing and decorating tip #116.

How to Make Candy Corn Cookie Pops | The Bearfoot BakerThen, make a few wavy lines with the yellow icing and tip #102.

This is a great porject to make with the kids. Watch this video to see how easy it actually is.Simple Candy Corn Cookie Pops | The Bearfoot BakerIf you want to make a candy corn cookie pop with a funny face, add two tick tacks and a couple of royal icing eyes.  It will definitely give your little candy corn a goofy look that will make people laugh!

Now that I have used buttercream frosting on a set of cookies I am going to do it again and again. It is fun and tastes really good and I think you should give it a try and make a little magic on your kitchen table too!

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