How to Make Fifteen Fabulous Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

What are you doing today? Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day sugar cookies yet? If you are I have a few blog posts that might help you out. So I’m making this tutorial that will show you fifteen fabulous Valentine’s Day sugar cookies to make this year. I plan to add more because Valentine’s Day cookies are adorable and easy to share with friends and family.

Valeentine's Day Sugar Cookies, sugar cookies, royal icing, Valentine, love

Grab some water, milk, or coffee, and hang on for the sugar cookie show made with love!

Let’s start with breakfast:

waffle cookies, Valentine's Day Cookies, hearts, food cookies, How to Make Waffle Valentine’s Cookies

coffee, blend, Valentine's Day Cookies, sugar cookies, royal icing, loveWe’re the Perfect Blend Valentine’s Cookies

the Bearfoot Baker, Strawberry Cookies, sugar cookies, royal icing, cookie video, Valentine's Day CookiesHow to Make Cute Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cookies

  • Who says you can’t have chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast? Not me! 
Animal time:

The Bearfoot Baker, Ice Cream Cone Cookie Cutter, Llama Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Royal IcingHow to Make Fun Little Llama Cookies

  • I know these fun little llama cookies are made with some pastel and blue royal icing, but you can easily change the colors to red and pink for a more traditional Valentine’s Day cookie. 

Silly Giraffe, Valentine's Day Cookies, Sugar Cookies, giraffe, love, royal icing, animal cookiesHow to Make Silly Giraffe Cookies with a Video

  • Who knew jellyfish and cake cookie cutters would make such cute silly giraffe cookies?  

Dino, dinosaur cookies, Valentine's Cookies, animal cookies, sugar cookies, royal icingFun Dinosaur Cookies with a How-to Video

bear cookies, Valentine cookies, Valentine's Day cookies, cookie decorating, royal icingHow to Make Cute Valentine’s Day Panda Bear Cookies

manatee cookies, airbrushed cookies, creative cookie cutter, Valentine's DayHow to Make Valentine’s Day Manatee Cookies

Hogs and Kisses, Valentine's Cookies, animal cookies, hearts, hogs, pig, sugar cookies, royal icing, loveHogs and Kisses Cookies

Olive You My Cute Little Valentine, olive, love, royal icing, Sugar Cookies, food cookiesOlive You My Cute Little Valentine

I-Love-You-Watts, Valentine-Cookies, sugar cookies, royal icing, heart, light bulbValentine Cookies -I Love You, Watts

Are you ready for some more fabulous Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies? I hope so and be sure to hold onto your heart:

heart cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, Valentine Cookies, icing roses, wedding cookies, birthday cookiesHow to Make Simple Heart Cookies with Beautiful Roses

Burlap Heart Cookies, Valentine's Cookies, sugar cookies, royal icing, love, The Bearfoot BakerBurlap Heart Cookies

  • These burlap hearts do take a little time to make, but I think they’re worth it! It’s super relaxing for me to pipe the lines.  Turn on your favorite TV show or your favorite music and have some royal icing fun!

Simple Valentine's Cake, cake, heart, heart sugar cookies, love, royal icing, sugar cookies, heart cookiesSimple Valentine’s Cake

  • You don’t have to be a master cake artist to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day cake! Bake some sugar cookies, pipe them with red royal icing, and add them to your cake. You can find the full step-by-step tutorial if you click the link above.

How to Decorate with Royal Icing, heart, Valentine's Cookies, sugar cookies, royal icing, heart cookiesHow to Decorate a Cookie with Royal Icing (Video)

Thank you for hanging out with me and looking at some fun sugar cookie tutorials. I hope you make a few for your friends and family. A lot of these are simple enough to make with your kids. I hope to make some with my grandkids this year because it’s a lot of fun watching them work.

Be sure to check out my Etsy Shop because I’m adding new cutters all the time. Some of the cookie cutters I’ve used in the past are no longer available so I’m working on my version of them so they’re available to you. If there’s a cutter you’d like to have leave a comment below and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Bear hugs,