5 Fun Simple Things To Do With Your Kids

A lot of kids are on spring break right now, but I’m sure as we all know the coronavirus is keeping most of us home to cut down on the spread of this awful virus. I know the situation isn’t good, but who says we can’t make some memories with our cute little homebound kids while we’re all home waiting for things to get back to normal. Here are 5 Fun Simple Things to Do with Your Kids over the next few days. Kitchen clean up after making a fun food craft with your kids may not be the highlight of your day, but making fun snacks and gingerbread playdough will be something they’ll remember for years to come.

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Some of these treats may have a holiday theme to them, but I’m sure your kids will help you customize them to the theme they want to celebrate. I know the gingerbread playdough scream Christmas, but the dough smells so amazing you should make it and give the kids Easter or everyday cookie cutters and let their imagination run wild. I’m at home with Alan right now and I want to make the dough just so he’ll have something to play with when he gets a little bored! lol

5 Fun Simple Things To Make with Your Kids

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Gingerbread Playdough

  • I made this for my grandkids when I made this tutorial and the dough seemed to have lasted forever. My granddaughter played with a lot and we loved seeing the things she created and where her imagination took her.
  • Like I said a minute ago, Alan and I are home alone and my grandkids are in a different state. That’s not going to stop me from being a grandma. I’m going to make a batch of this for each one and mail it to them. I know they’ll have fun getting a gift from Nana that they can play with.

Strawberry Crinkle Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Strawberry Crinkle Cookies

  • Is it summer yet? Do you love all things strawberry during those wonderful sun-filled summer days? If you do, these are the cookies for you.
  • You can make these Strawberry Crinkle Cookies with a box of strawberry cake mix. That’s a perfect cookie recipe to use with your kiddos. It’s simple, it’s delicious, and it’s a great project to make with your precious kids.

7 Halloween Treats and Yummy Monster Smoothies | The Bearfoot Baker

Monster Smoothies

  • The original title of the smoothies was Monster Smoothies for Halloween, but who says we can only have monsters during October? Not me!
  • I know getting groceries may not as simple as it was two weeks ago, but if you order your food online you can add some fruit to your cart and make a few monsters to help the kids get their daily amount so they’ll stay healthy and have fun while doing it.

How to Make Easy Owl Cupcakes | The Bearfoot Baker

How to Make Simple Owl Cupcakes with a Video

  • We all know kids can’t live on fruit alone so let’s add a few owl cupcakes to the stay at home party. These little guys are made with a box cake mix and a tub of store-bought icing. Making the Oreo eyes and adding the sunflower seeds and M&M’s is a thing kids of all ages can make and you know they’ll have fun making them!

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How to Make Simple Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat

  • Do you like Rice Krispy Treats? Do you like Ladybug Rice Krispy Treats? Here’s a tutorial so you and the kids can make a few.

Now you have the 5 Fun Simple Things to Do With Your Kids. When you make something, #thebearfootbaker so we can see your amazing creations and inspire each other. I can’t wait to see what you and your kids make?
If you don’t have a ladybug cookie cutter what kind of Rice Krispy Treat are you going to make?

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