Cute Frankenstein Cookies Don’t Have to Be Scary

Cute Frankenstein cookies don’t have to be scary. You can make all the Halloween treats you want, but you can choose to make them scary or you can make them fun and cute! I’m sure the Brides of Frankenstein and Dracula will be happy to hear they can look cute instead of looking scary all the time. I’ll have to admit, I like looking a little scary now and then like days when I work in the yard or clean my car. Why get all cleaned up before you go outside and dig in the dirt? Such a waste of time to fix your hair first. I’ll tell you what’s not a waste of time. Making these Cute Frankenstein cookies for Halloween. The best part is you don’t have to be a mad scientist to make them!Cute Frankenstein Cookies Don't Have to Be Scary | The Bearfoot Baker

Supplies for Cute Frankenstein Cookies:
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Cookie Cutter:
Royal Icing Colors:
  • Electric Green- If you look closely you’ll notice the Frankenstein Faces are two different colors. If you want to make one green use an Electric Green Soft Food Gel. If you want it to have a yellowish color, add a little
  • Black

Royal Icing Candy Eyes

  • Turkey Lacer
  • Edible Food Safe Marker
  • Tipless Decorating Bags-or decorating bottles or bags if you prefer
  • Mini Heat Gun-optional
  • Begin by making a batch of sugar cookie dough. Then, cut out your Frankenstein-shaped cookies and bake them according to the recipe directions.
  • Let the cookies cool completely before you begin decorating them.
Let’s decorate!

Cute Frankenstein Cookies Don't Have to Be Scary Tutorial with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Draw the hairline of Mr. Frankenstein with a food-safe marker. If you need a pattern, you can use a piece of parchment paper. Trace the cookie cutter, draw your pattern, and then cut it out. Trace it on the cookies and they’ll all look the same.
  • Next, outline the face with the green royal icing and let it dry for about ten minutes.
  • Flood the faces with green royal icing and let it dry completely.

Cute Frankenstein Cookies Don't Have to Be Scary Learn How to Make Them With This Tutorial and Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • My grandmother would always tell me that there was more than one way to do things and she was right. You can place the candy eyes on the face as soon as you flood it with the royal icing or you can use a little icing to glue them once the icing on the face has dried. I do it both ways so pick a path and go for it. It would make my grandma proud.
  • Outline and flood the hair with the black royal icing and let it dry. It doesn’t have to be completely dry before you make the face. Just be careful not to stick your finger in it like I always seem to do.

Cute Frankenstein Cookies Don't Have to Be Scary Great for Halloween | The Bearfoot Baker

  • The face is easy to make. Pipe old man Frank some thick eyebrows.
  • For the nose, I piped two dots for the nostrils and then added a line to complete the nose. You can see how it’s done in action in the video below.

Cute Frankenstein Cookies Don't Have to Be Scary Tutorial with a Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • To finish these cute Frankenstein Cookies you need to add stitches and a mouth. I did it the easy way and used a Rainbow Dust Professional Cake Decorators Food Pen in Jet Black to draw them. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. You can use icing or a different food-safe pen. Just have fun with it.
  • Once they’re dry stack them, pack them, and eat them!

Cute Frankenstein Cookies Don’t Have to Be Scary Video

I made a little video for you. Hope you enjoy it!

I also wanted to mention that I used a Mini Heat Gun to dry the surface of the royal icing as I decorated each cookie. It will help dry the surface making the royal icing shiny, and help prevent color bleed and air bubbles. It only takes a few seconds to form a crust. If you dry it too long, it will crack the icing. Then I place the cookies in front of a fan to help the royal icing dry completely. Just thought you might like to know.

Cute Frankenstein Cookies Don't Have to Be Scary | The Bearfoot Baker

I learned something about making these cookies. We may not be a mad-scientist, but we are wicked bakers! Go bake something amazing!

Bear hugs,