How to Choose and Use a Decorating Coupler

Here is Everything You Need to Know about Decorating Couplers | The Bearfoot Baker

What is a decorating coupler? It’s something that connects two things. When we use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, it allows us to easily change our piping tips without having to change decorating bags. It would be awful if we had to make different bags of the same color of icing just to use different tips. So you might say that a decorating coupler is a must-have tool for most of us.

I know this tutorial may be old news to most of you, but I feel like it’s good information to share with our newbie decorators. Whether you make cakes, cookies, or cupcakes you need to know what tools are important and why. Even if you use tipless decorating bags, you probably still have to use a coupler from time to time.

How to Choose and Use a Decorating Coupler | The Bearfoot Baker


There are many different brands of couplers on the market but I prefer to use Ateco. When I first started decorating cookies I only used Wilton couplers since I could purchase them at local stores. I was happy with them at first and then they started cutting the decorating bags because the base of the ring had a sharp point that had not been smoothed when they were made. After they cut holes in about 30 of my disposable piping bags I decided to try Ateco and I’m glad I did. They work well and don’t cut my bags and the ring has a nice snug fit on the base so no icing oozes out.

When choosing a coupler, make sure the base and the ring are smooth.

I thought I should let you know that all opinions are mine and no one is paying me to say I like and use a certain product or brand. If I use something, it’s because I like it and it works. The end!

Decorating Coupler:
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How to Choose and Use a Decorating Coupler for Easy Cake and Cookie Decorating | The Bearfoot Baker

  • So as I said before, the brand of decorating couplers I use is Ateco because I like the way they fit together and don’t cut my bags.
  • I know you are probably thinking it’s a disposable bag so what’s the big deal, right? The big deal is I wash and reuse my bags more than 20 times so if they get holes cut into them, it begins to take away from my profit margin. No, I don’t sell cookies, but I make a lot for the blog and like to keep the cost down. Washing a few bags isn’t that big of a deal and will save some money throughout the year so I don’t want some defective coupler ripping them up before I’m ready to toss them.

How to Choose and Use a Cake and Cookie Decorating Coupler | The Bearfoot Baker

  • When you buy your piping bags they have a solid tip that will need to be trimmed. Once you cut the bag the decorating coupler can be placed inside the bag and pushed into the hole you cut which will make it possible to add and change decorating tips easily.
  • Place the narrow end of the coupler down inside the decorating bag. Push it down into the tip as far as you can.
  • Trim off the tip of the bag. There is a rule that says you should cut the bag so the first ring of the base will be on the outside of the bag. I don’t always follow this rule. As long as the end of the bag is somewhere between the first ring of the coupler base and the end of the coupler, I’m a happy camper.
  • If you cut too much of the end of the bag the decorating coupler might pop out of the bag when you apply pressure. If the coupler comes out of the bag the icing will follow and you will have a giant mess on your hands. So my rule is longer is better.

Decorating Coupler What you Need to Know | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Trim the end of the bag.
  • Place the coupler into the bag’s narrow end first and push it to the bottom of the bag.

How to Choose the Right Decorating Coupler | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Place the decorating tip on the narrow end of the coupler and screw on the ring to hold it in place.
  • Now you’re ready to decorate.

How to Use a Decorating Coupler for Perfect Piping | The Bearfoot Baker

A decorating coupler makes decorating cookies and cakes a little easier for us. We don’t have to make multiple bags of the same color of icing in case we want to use a different tip. All you have to do is take the coupler ring off of the base of the coupler and change the tip. Easy Peasy!

As I said before, this may be old news to most of us, but having the right tools and knowing how to use them is important when you want to create something amazing. If your coupler pops out of your bag every time you squeeze it chances are you are going to quit and we don’t want that. I hope to share as many tips and tricks as I can so you will become the decorator you dream of becoming so I can see your creations, watch your videos, and learn from you.

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