How to Make Super Creepy Haunted House Sugar Cookies

Are you ready to make some super creepy haunted house sugar cookies? I hope so because these are not only creepy, they’re super simple! Is it just me or is there something special about a messy creepy haunted house sugar cookie that makes me know it’s time for Halloween? These sugar cookies are some of my favorites to decorate and they’d be great to decorate with the kids.

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How do you like the spiders? I found them at The Dollar Tree and they look great in Halloween cookie photos. They make the haunted houses look nice and creepy!

Supply List:
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Cookie Cutter:
Royal Icing Colors:
  • Piping bags
  • Turkey Lacer
  • Parchment paper cut a little larger than the cookies. 
  • Piping Tips- PME Tip # 1.5 or tipless piping bags if you don’t want to use tips.
  • Paintbrush
  • Spray bottle to dampen the paintbrush to smooth out the icing on the door and windows.
  • Any Royal Icing Transfers such as bats, ghosts, or eyes to decorate the Haunted Houses.

How to Make Super Creepy Haunted House Sugar Cookies Video:

Enjoy the video!

Let’s start with the inspiration for these cookies and the cookie cutters.

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When I was looking through my old Fall magazines I came across a copy of a Better Homes and Garden Magazine that featured cute haunted house cookies. Okay, it had me at the ghosts, but the houses are so darn cute! The good thing is you don’t need cookie cutters to make these. You can simply cut your cookie dough with a knife, but keep in mind that no two will be the same. That’s great if you’re making them with your kids, grandkids, or a few friends, but if you are going to make a lot of them to sell or give away a cutter may help. You you’d like you can check out mine in my Etsy Bearfoot Baker Shop

Time to decorate:

Haunted house, sugar cookies, decorated sugar cookies, Halloween cookies

  • Begin by making your sugar cookie recipe and cutting out the haunted houses. Let them cool completely before you begin to decorate. 
  • While the cookies cool you can make your royal icing or if you’re looking for a smaller batch you can use my half a batch of royal icing recipe.
  • Grab your orange outline consistency royal icing and add a little where you want the door.
  • Dampen your paintbrush and spread the icing around. If it’s not neat don’t worry because you will pipe the outline of the door in a few minutes. Clean your brush because you’ll need it for the windows.
  • Next, pipe the yellow where you want the windows and spread the icing with the damp brush. Again don’t worry about keeping things neat. That is what makes these cookies so much fun to decorate. They’ll look great no matter how neat you are. 
  • Now outline the house, windows, and doors with the outline consistency of black royal icing. Now flood it and smooth it out with a turkey lacer. 
I love this part!

Halloween cookies, haunted house sugar cookies, decorated cookies, royal icing

  • Place the parchment paper on the icing while it is wet and gently push it onto the icing. Let it dry overnight.
  • Once the icing is dry the parchment paper is easy to remove. Don’t throw it away because we may need it for the roof. 
  • Outline the entire house, windows, and door with the outline consistency of the black royal icing. 
  • Pipe the lines in the windows and add a door knob to the door.
  • Let it dry for about twenty minutes.
Add the roof:
  • You can add the roof any way you’d like. I decided to pipe the brown icing around the top edges and covered it with parchment paper Just trim the roof off of the piece you removed earlier. Let it dry for about 20 minutes and then remove it. It may stick a little but that’s okay.
  • Now pipe the brown royal icing in a zig-zag line or add small straight lines all around the roof. Do whatever makes you happy!
Guess what? You’re done!

See! The Super Creepy Haunted House Cookies aren’t hard to make and they’re not that creepy! You can even make them with eyes in the windows and pipe eyebrows above them. Add some royal icing transfers to decorate them. You can use bats, ghosts, creepy eyes, or pumpkins. Use your imagination and have fun decorating. 

Haunted House Sugar Cookies, royal icing, sugar cookies, decorated sugar cookies

By the way, when was the last time you went to a haunted house? When my kids were growing up I’d take them every year and I haven’t gone since then. Maybe I need to go just for old-time sakes. Or maybe I should stick to decorating haunted house sugar cookies. I think the decorating would be more fun for me these days. What about you?

I hope you make some creepy cookies for Halloween. Have fun and happy baking!

Bear hugs,