Simple Owl Cookies-In Winter Colors

Owls are still very popular and they still make my heart flutter. I wanted to make simple owl cookies in winter colors.

Simple Owl Cookies can be used for Decorated Christmas Cookies via

I loved making the colorful Owl Cookies in August and wanted to make more. I don’t normally remake designs but “HOO, HOO” can resist a cute little owl!

Supplies for Simple Owl Cookies:

15 Second Icing in these colors:

  • AmeriColor Electric Green
  • Gray
  • Aqua Blue=Mix AmeriColor Electric Green and AmeriColor Sky Blue. Mix a little at a time until you get the blue you want.
  • Pale Ivory= White icing with a touch of AmeriColor Ivory.
  • Royal Transfer Eyes

Royal Icing Recipe
Sugar Cookie Recipe

Simple Owl Cookies
For the cookie, I used the same cutters as I did here.
First, draw a pattern onto the owl with a food safe marker like these. You need to use a light color so it won’t bleed through the white. Then, outline and flood the tummy and eye area. While the icing is still wet, add the royal transfer eyes.
Simple Owl Cookies Outline the owl body and flood the wings. Let it dry overnight.
Simple Owl Cookies
Flood the owl body and let it dry.
Simple Owl Cookies
Next, begin making the scarf by making lines leaving a space in between each one and let dry for at least 30 minutes. For some reason, I outlined the tale of the scarf with the green icing in this photo but, didn’t do the other owls like this. You can do it however you want to. You could even outline the entire scarf and fill in the squares. Do what makes you happy!
Simple Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.comThen fill the remaining areas with the next color. Add a gray nose and dots for the toes. I added the outer toes first then added the middle one about 30 minutes later.
Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.
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Happy Creating,


  1. Maryann - Cookie Artisan says:

    Pardon me while I HOOT and holler over this most adorable creatures! Soooooooooo outrageously adorable, such fun colors…………such sweet faces!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m doing a happy dance right now! Thanks for brightening my day!

  2. Those scarf-wearing owls are redunkulously cute! Love!

  3. Jenny Mulhall says:

    Those big eyes are KILLING me… you don’t mind if I nick these for my nephew’s next birthday, do you? 😛

  4. So cute!! I love how using different eye designs can change the personality of the owl.

  5. the scarves are adorable!! i especially love the green and blue owls. :)

  6. Cute, cute! I love the scarf! I noticed 15 second icing for all. Do you use the same consistency icing for piping and flooding? Thx, Kristina

  7. Bring on the owls – ANYTIME of the year! Glad you’re keeping them warm with the adorable scarf!

  8. These are absolutely precious! Love their eyes! Such sweet character!

  9. Lovely owls. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope I get a chance to make these soon :-)

  10. I was curious where you got the owl cutter. I just love him, he’s so cute

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