Monster Cupcakes for Halloween

Have you ever forgot to make Halloween treats for your kids class or for work? I can’t tell you the number of times I forget to do things. I guess I remember but time just gets away from me. One day in a panic, I made these monster cupcake and they saved they day. They are made from a box cake mix and decorated with a tub of store bought icing. I have a trick that will make the icing thicker so you can pipe it like buttercream.Monster Cupcakes for Halloween www.thebearfootbaker.comWant to know what my secret is? Keep reading.

 Supplies for Monster Cupcakes:

Store bought Icing -2 tubs per 1 box of cake mix
Tic Tacks
Monster Eye- Gum from Target-they look kind of like this
Food coloring
Powdered Sugar
Star Tip
Piping Bag

Monster Cupcakes for Halloween via www.thebearfootbaker.comOnce you bake the cupcakes you will need to prepare the icing. I used the Pillsbury Funfetti Blue Icing because that was one less color I needed to mix.
If you have ever tried to decorate with a tub of store bought icing, you know it isn’t stiff enough to hold peeks nor is it easy to use for decorating. A simple way to make the icing perfect for decorating is to add some powdered sugar and mix it really well.
Just place the icing in a bowl and add a few tablespoons of powdered sugar and mix well. See if the icing is stiff enough to hold a peek. If not, add a little more powdered sugar until you get the right icing consistency.

Place the icing in three bowls and add a little yellow food coloring to one bowl to make green icing. Add a little red food coloring to make purple icing. Leave the last one blue.
Place the icing in piping bags fitted with star tips.

Monster Cupcakes for Halloween thebearfootbaker.comNext, pipe a swirl in the center of the cupcake using the star tip. This is an easy way to add some height to your monster cupcakes.
Then, pipe simple stars around the cupcake until you have a furry cute little monster.
While the icing is still wet, add a gumball eye. I found some at Target in the Halloween candy section.
Then, add some Tic Tacks for teeth and a sixlet for the nose.

I told you these cupcakes were fast. You can make them this morning and enjoy them for lunch or just give them to your kids when they get home from school. The sugar will give them energy so they can get a lot off candy tonight because we all know Halloween is about getting the most candy you can gather in a few short hours! 😉

Happy Halloween,