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How to Make Super Simple Shamrock Cookies

Do you ever start looking through your cookie cutters for that one cutter you need to complete your set? What do you do when...
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Do You Have Cutters to Make Cute Boho Rainbow Cookies

Do you have cookie cutters to make cute boho rainbow cookies? I bet you do and you don’t even know it.
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How to Make Adorable Popcorn Box Royal Icing Transfers

Did you see the popcorn candy decorations the other day? Well, if you think about it, popcorn needs a box so why not make...
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How to Make Simple Heart Cookies with Beautiful Roses

Simple heart cookies with beautiful roses are some of my favorite to make because, well, they’re beautiful and straightforward. These are no exception and...
popcorn, popcorn cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, candy decorations, sugar cookies, royal icing, royal icing transfers, royal icing candy, movie night

How to Make Cute Popcorn Candy Decorations

Do you like popcorn? I guess the bigger question is do you like popcorn candy decorations? In case you don’t know what they are...
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How to Make Laminated Cash Envelopes

Today we’re going to make and laminate a few cash envelopes. There are three free envelopes below so you can make them and save...
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Cookie Planner with Order Forms

Did you all think I’d run away or have been hiding under the bed? Let me say with Covid-19 I’ve thought about it, but...
New Year Cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, sugar cookies, royal icing, airbrushed cookies

Welcome 2021 with Happy New Year Cookies

Hello, 2021! I’ve been looking forward to 2021 for a while now and I’m so glad it’s finally here because we have an excuse...
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Do You Want to Learn How to Make Decorated Sugar Cookies

Do you want to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies? I hope so because I’ll be teaching three Bearfoot Basic Cookie Camps in...
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How to Make Fun Santa Cookies

So I learned a lot from this fun Santa cookie. I learned some times you need to quit while the quitting is good as...