Penguin Cookies with Cute Little Hats

Simple Little Penguin Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

What happens when two friends who share a love of cookie decorating get together? They make penguin cookies of course.

Penguin Cookies -Decorated Christmas Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.comI have a great friend named Johnna. She lives about an hour away from me so we don’t get together as much as we would like. But when we do get together, we have fun talking about family, work, life, and cookies. There is always a lot of cookie talk. And sometimes like this week we actually get to decorate.

Johnna (aka The Polka-dot Zebra) is an amazing decorator. I am in total awe of her decorating skills. You can see her cookies here. Go ahead and check them out and I’ll wait for you.

See…I told you she is amazing! When she came over Monday she brought some cutters with her. When she started unpacking the cutters I noticed a tree cutter that I had seen at Michael’s. It was a set of four but she only bought the tree. I started laughing because I bought the other three and not the tree! I showed her the three I bought, and when we looked at the elf cookie cutters we both saw a penguin. We laughed more and headed to the kitchen and got to work.

Supplies for Penguin Cookies:

White-outline, flood, and a little stiffer than the outline
Black- outline, and flood
Soft Pink – outline, and flood
Sky Blue – outline and flood
Electric Green-outline and flood
#16-star tip for the fur on the hats
Icing Recipe
Sugar Cookie Recipe

**UPDATE** Michael’s doesn’t carry the penguin cutter anymore. Truly Mad Plastics has one that is almost identical.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerFirst you will need to outline the penguin cookies face and tummy area with white outline icing.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot Baker

Next, with the white flood icing, fill the tummy and face.

Now, outline and fill the feet with orange icing.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerReady for the hats? Outline them with your blue, green and pink icing.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerNow you are ready to outline the scarfs. I used the wings as guidelines.

Next, flood the hats.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerNext, you can flood the scarf all but end that comes from over the top of the scarf.

Let the small end and the horizontal part of the scarf dry so when you flood the last tail it will look a little 3D. Drying time should be at least 30 minutes.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerWhile you are waiting on that you can add the orange dots for the toes. I know penguins don’t have toes but it needed a little something don’t you think?

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerIf it has been 30 minutes, use your #3 tip and flood the rest of the scarfs. Do this on all 3 penguins and let it dry a little.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerNow using the outline icings we are going to make the hat and scarfs look knitted. This is so easy! All you need to do is start at the base of the hat and make a slightly squiggly line. Move to the next row and do it again and again until you have reached the top.

Now repeat on the scarfs. I wish knitting was this easy!

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerNow comes the hard part, WAIT! Let this dry overnight. I know that is really hard to do but, since you are using black and white next to each other, there is chance your icing could bleed. (I live where it is humid and the humidity affects royal icing in a bad way.)

This is one of the penguin cookies I made with Johnna. See the nose and the green scarf ? It bled. Made me sad! But he was still delicious. Instead of eating him, you could fix it in a very creative way but that doesn’t always work! If it was the pink one we would be in trouble!

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot Baker

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerWhen they are good and dry use the black outline icing, outline the body and add the eyes. You could also use royal icing transfer eyes. I dotted each eye with a touch of flood white icing on a toothpick. Add the noses with the orange icing.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerNext, with black flood icing fill the bodies in and let dry for about a few hours.

Penguin Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerAll you need to do now is add the fur. I used the #16 tip and the stiffer white icing. To do the hat band I used the same squiggly motion I used for the knitting. And now for the swirl on top, I imagined putting icing on a mini cupcake. Do a little swirl.

I hope you have as much fun making these as I did with Johnna.

Happy Creating!!!