Simple Snowman Cookies with a Cute Little Scarf

Sometimes simple is more when you decorate sugar cookies. Look at these simple snowman cookies with a cute little scarf. They don’t have a lot of decorations, but they’re adorable. 

snowman, The Bearfoot Baker, royal icing, sugar cookies, snowman cookies

The best part is you only need a small amount of black royal icing and two colors for the snowman and the scarf.

Are you ready to make them? Let’s get started.

  • Sugar Cookie Recipe
  • Royal Icing Recipe
Cookie Cutter:
  • Any snowman cookie cutter will work for this tutorial. 
Royal Icing Colors:

Simple Snowman Cookies with a Cute Little Scarf Video:

Enjoy the video!

Let’s make this simple snowman cookie!

  • Next, flood the simple snowman cookie.

  • Use a turkey lacer, boo boo stick. or toothpick to spread the icing evenly on the cookie and to pop any air bubbles. 
  • Let the cookie dry for a few hours before you add the scarf. 
Time for the scarf and face.

  • Add a scarf with thick royal icing consistency. You can use any color scarf you want for your simple snowman cookie. I like orange because I could use it on his scarf and nose without making another royal icing color. 

  • If you’d like to make your scarf look like the wrinkled fabric cut a small piece of parchment paper.
  • Wrinkle it and place it on the wet royal icing scarf.
  • Gently pat it into place.

  • Don’t press it hard because you can damage the white royal icing on the snowman.
  • Let the icing under the parchment paper dry completely before you remove it. 

  • Pipe an orange carrot nose on his cute little face. 

  • Add two black dots of royal icing for the eyes. 
Is the scarf dry yet?

  • Once the scarf is dry gently remove the parchment paper. It’s easy to remove but go slow and gently lif it off the snowman.

snowman, The Bearfoot Baker, royal icing, sugar cookies, snowman cookies

     WOW! That looks like a fabric scarf! Isn’t this little guy cute? It goes to show you can make a large number of sugar cookies without having to do a lot of details on each cookie. Less really is more on these cute simple snowman cookies. 

Bear hugs,