How to Stamp on a Cookie

Have you heard the debates about using a stamp on a cookie? I know I have and it has stopped me from trying something that I really wanted to try. I totally understand the debate and I can see both sides. I had a tutorial on ‘How to Stamp on a Cookie’ planned a long time ago but decided not to share until I did a little research.

How to Stamp on a Cookie- Decorating sugar cookies just got easy! by thebearfootbaker.comWell, I have thought about it and I have decided to share some stamped cookies that I made. After researching I decided stamping on cookies is a personal choice. You must research and decide for yourself if it something you want to do. I made the decision to use the clear stamps with the clear blocks because I think they are easy to wash which will help bacteria from growing. Whatever your opinion is when you think about using a stamp on a cookie, I hope you can just sit back and enjoy these little guys today.

Supplies for How to Stamp on a Cookie:

Sugar Cookies with Dry Icing (make sure it is completely dry)
Good gel color of your choice
Stamp of your choice (I bought these on a clearance rack at my local craft store. I can’t find a link to them because I bought them about a year ago.)
Stamp Block
Avery Reinkable Felt Stamp Pad Uninked
Food Safe Marker

I learned a lot my first time trying this and want to share what I have found with you. How to stencil on a cookie - Decorating Sugar Cookies has Never Been So Easy with www.thebearfootbaker.comBegin by picking your food gel color and find some way to get it on your stamp. The reason I say that is because the paper towel I tried to use didn’t work well at first. The reason it didn’t work is because I didn’t lay the paper towel on a flat surface after I spread the ink on it. I had it on a plate that was curved and it didn’t work. Once I laid the towel flat, I got much better results.
Half way through I remembered that I had purchased this Cut n’ Dry stamp foam pad and decided to try it. It worked great! All I did was cut off a square, dabbed some black food gel color on it, and began stamping and it was better than that first sip of morning coffee. Well, maybe that is taking it a little far but, trust me, it is way better than a paper towel. When I was done, I just slid it in a plastic sandwich baggie to keep it fresh so I can use it later.

Before I try stamping again, I will buy one of these uninked stamp pad things. I found out where to buy it from Anita at Sweet Hope Cookies. Thanks Anita!

How to Stamp on a Cookie - Cookie Decorating just got EASY!! via www.thebearfootbaker.comLet’s start stamping!

  1. Attach the stamp to the clear block and then dab it in the ink. Notice how messy mine is from trying to dab it on the paper towel when it was on the plate. DUH Lisa!
  2. You may need to dab a bit of ink off before you try to stamp your cookie.
  3. Then, carefully place the stamp on the cookie and press down. You may need to rock it slightly to make sure the entire outline transfers onto the cookie.
  4. Then, gently lift the stamp straight up off the cookie.

How to Stamp on a Cookie - This makes cookie decorating super easy. You are going to LOVE it! www.thebearfootbaker.comOnce you stamp the image on the cookie, you can call it a day and let it dry completely or, you can add a few details. A few snow lines and snowflakes aka dots, is just what this cookie needed. I love the simplicity of these so I decided to stop here. If you want, you can paint or use food safe markers to color the little characters or use other stamps on a cookie. I say, “Go for it!” Paint or color away.

How to Stamp on a Cookie- decorating sugar cookies has never been easier by thebearfootbaker.comLet’s talk about a few things that didn’t go to well. See this little penguins arm? It didn’t transfer properly so, use your black food safe marker and fix it. So simple! See the igloo? I lifted it slightly when I was pressing and it made a double line at the top of the igloo. Somehow, it only made two lines at the top so, I will chose to ignore it and pretend it is a masterpiece. Are you with me?

The best advice I can give you when you stamp on a cookie is to make extra cookies to use for practice and be honest with the people that are going to eat the cookie. I know some people who are very conserned about food safety and that is a good thing. I also know other who don’t worry as much about it. Either way, let the cookie eater make their own choice.

If you decided you don’t want to eat them,, you can always use them for decorations. Hang them on your Christmas tree or use them as name tags on presents.

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Bear hugs,