Storage Containers for Piping Tips

Why am I telling you about storage containers for piping tips? Well, are you going to Cookie Con in November? Are you taking your piping tips? I take my tips and decorating supplies with me when I go on vacation. I want to show you the containers I use to keep my tips from getting damaged. My kids are gown and my husband goes to bed early so, I sit quietly at the kitchen table and make a few sets of cookies without interruptions while listening to the ocean waves crash on the shore. It is wonderful! My only concern taking my supplies with me is messing up my PME tips during the long drive. I don’t want them to get bent or smooched because those bad boys are not cheap. They are almost $5 a tip! I have a cleaver way to transport them so they don’t get damaged.

Can you tell what they are made out of? Medicine bottles! I know you probably think I am crazy but, they are the perfect size storage containers for piping tips! The best part is you can make them fun, cute, wild or simple. The sky is the limit on these little babies!

Well, maybe the best part is putting numbers on top so you will know what size tip is inside! No more guessing where that #0 tip is because it has it’s own container with a big ole number on top so you can see it!

I love it when I am organized!!! I also love it when my tips don’t get smashed!!! I am not going to do a step-by-step photo tutorial on this because it was so simple. Just make sure your  tips are dry before you store them. Wilton tips will get really icky if you put them up wet.

  1. First, you have to remove the sticky labels. I pulled them off and soaked the bottles in rubbing alcohol over night or 2 nights for some really sticky ones.
  2. Then, I rubbed the remainder of the glue off and washed them really well with soap and water and let them dry.
  3. Next, I spray painted my bottles and let them dry for a few days.
  4. When they were good and dry put cute little stickers on them. Easy Peasy!!

Now before I get emails saying spray paint isn’t food safe, I didn’t paint the inside. I put the bottles upside down when I painted them so no paint would get inside. They are still food safe! But if you are worried about that, don’t paint them, just add stickers.

Do you want to know how many tips it will hold? Mine holds 11 but, not all medicine bottles are created equally as you can see. I had a really big bottle that worked great for my big cupcake tip. Now, even when it is in the cabinet, it won’t get bent!

So what do you do if you don’t take medicine? I went to my local drug store and told the nice lady that I wanted to use the bottles for storing my piping tips and asked her for 3 and she gave them to me. FREE!! I don’t know if your drug store lady will be that nice but, you can try. If you can’t get them from the nice lady, ask your mother-in-law, your father-in-law, your neighbor, or Santa! You NEED them!! Your piping tips welfare depends on it!!!

PS- They also make good little banks! Mine will hold $8.75 worth of quarters. When  2 or 3 of them get full, I order more cookie supplies! It really is good medicine!!!!

I hope to see you and your cute little containers at Cookie Con in November! I can’t wait to see how you decorate yours!

Happy Creating,