Fox Face . . . You’re a Star!

I was very happy when Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle asked me to participate in a project with her. She wanted to show 20+ ways to make things from a star cutter.  She asked several bloggers and cookie friends to participate. I told her I would love to play but, then I panicked!! What in the world should I make? Should I make something to fill the star shape or should I find something that is the shape of a star. What was I going to do??? My brain froze! I was like a deer caught in headlights! OH NO!! Think Lisa! THINK!!

Then I saw it! The answer was in the field near my goats, lamb, donkey, ducks, chicken, and llama! It was a fox! YES, YES, YES!!!! A fox has as face that is the shape of a star. I scared the fox away and broke out the flour and sugar and got to work!

I used 15 Second Icing for each color in this project.
Orange-ish Icing (See below for mixing info)
Darker Orange-ish (See below for mixing info)

I wanted to start with a template before I decorated these. I wanted them to look the same so I cut two patterns. The first is for the ear and it is a triangle. The second is the white part of the fox face. I used the star cutter to make a boomerang shape.

Then, I traced them onto the cookie.

For the orange-ish color, I used AmeriColors orange, burgundy and ivory. I just used a small amount of each color until I got the orange-ish color I wanted. I like this color a lot and already have plans to use it again!

Once you have your orange color the way you like it, outline and flood the face like I did in the above picture. Let Mr. Fox Face dry overnight.

Next, outline and immediately flood the white part of his face.
Then, add the white dots for the eyes. While the white is wet, add the black dots to the eyes.
You can also add a small white dot to the black part of the eyes for a twinkle effect if you want.

Next, I used the same orange as the orange mixture above and added some AmeriColor brown to flood each ear.

NOTE: If you  are looking close to this photo of Mr. Fox Face, you will notice his eyes were added before the orange color. You can do it both ways but, I liked the big eyes on top of the face. It think he is cuter that way but, you do it anyway you want.

I uses black icing for the nose but, I wish I had a really big black candy thingy to make it nice and round and shiny! I have a thing for shiny things today! Can you tell? “Sparkly eyes” and a “shiny nose.” Maybe I just need to go buy some sugar pearls!

There you have it. Thank you Mr. Fox for running around the field showing me your cute little star shaped face or I might not have joined this project. And thank you for giving me and idea and not eating my chickens. You were very nice to me that day and I won’t chase after you with a broom screaming like a crazy person anymore.

 Let the fun begin!!!
Are you ready for a real treat? Look at all the other wonderful things you can do with a star cookie cutter! The other bloggers and cookie friends came up with the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, creative and just neato ideas! I am not going to get any work done today. I am going to spend all day visiting  these creative blogs and cookie decorators Facebook and Flickr pages. Want to visit with me? The talent will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!

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Happy Creating,



  1. What a fun way to use the star – so foxy! I knew you would come up with a super cute design!

  2. Lisa, this is the cutest design ever! Thanks so much for the tutorial. This is definitely going on my “to do” list!

  3. I can’t believe you thought of this… is so totally fantastic that I was kicking myself for not seeing it!!!!(never would have). Do you look up at the clouds and see unicorns and rainbows????i knw you do!!!

    • You are so funny Vicki!! I mostly see Mickey Mouse in the clouds! I think there is a Disney party in my brain that never stops playing!
      You are one to talk!! The Old Fashioned July 4th Cookies blew me away!! I seriously LOVE THEM!! You rock my cookie friend!!!

  4. Karenduch says:

    I love these! I am thinking end of school year cookies – You’re as Smart as a Fox!!
    too awesome!!

    • Hahaha “Smart as a fox!” If you make end of the year cookies, I would love to see them!

      • Karenduch says:

        my husband pointed out that it is supposed to be “sly as a fox.” Really? did I ask him to burst my bubble? NO! I just asked him to look at the awesome cookies! LOL!

  5. Honestly Lisa, had I seen a fox in my field I would have never thought to use a star cookie cutter to re-create it. These cookies are so delightful, I love them! Your piping and flooding, not to mention your colours are perfect!

    • You are so sweet Paula! I think if you saw the fox I saw, you would have seen his star face! LOL He was beautiful and I wanted a camera but was grateful for the idea:)
      PS- I want to make your U.S. Independence Day Cookie! I love it!!!!

  6. Leave it to my good friend Lisa to find a cute little woodland animal to fill a star cookie. :) And isn’t he the cutest! I can count on your to put a smile on my face every time. :)

    • You are sweet Pam! I feel the same about you! Your star screams ‘AMERICA!” I love the stitching and the colors! Makes me happy!!!

  7. I’m blown away by you creativity! This is such a brilliant design!

    • It was all because of Mr. Fox Face in the field. He gave me the idea!! I always love looking at your brilliant designs Yamina! You are amazing!!!!

  8. He’s adorable!!! He can come and frolic in my backyard anyday!

  9. I think these might be my favorite project of them all….so out-of-the-box and so utterly perfect and cute!

  10. I think I’m in love with him- 😉 He’s so completely adorable! Clever btw!!

  11. These are so creative!! I love that you did something “out of the box”. Beautiful work as always Lisa!

  12. Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs says:

    You are a sly one, Lisa, and so clever! Your fox creation is totally a star!

  13. oh my gosh SO ADORABLE!! i love the little face:)

  14. Lisa, this is the most adorable thing ever! Such clever clever design!

  15. Wow! What a great use of the star cutter! I love decorating cookies and since I’m not really great at it, I am so happy to have found this site! Very creative!!

  16. I like your little fox “stars” best of all! Totally different from the others. You are so creative!

  17. You are such a talented person Lisa! These cookies are amazing! Who would have thought a star could be a fox? I love that you find inspiration from right outside your home. These cookies are perfection!

  18. You are amazing! I love how your mind works!

  19. Brilliant how you turned your star into a fox! Question from a beginner cookie decorator: When you let it dry overnight after the orange icing, is it left out to air dry? Or put in a sealed container? Does the cookie become dry and crunchy? Thanks!

    • I let it sit on the table to dry for a while with a fan blowing air on it. When I go to bed, I put it in an airtight container and it drys fine and stays fresh. I try to keep my cookies out of the air as much as possible because I want to keep them fresh. I have found when, I put them into an airtight container before they are dry, they won’t dry while in the container. So I dry them with the fan first.

      I learned the fan trick from Sweet Sugar Belle and you can find her post on it here:

  20. Best idea!!

  21. I am so impressed by these kind of sugar cookies! I don’t think I would ever have the patience, but I love looking at what all you talented & creative bakers can do. Super cute foxes!

  22. Love your fox cookies, when I saw the 20 ways to use a star cookie cutter photo collage it was the one that popped form the image above all the rest. So cute and unexpected!

  23. Your fox is so CUTE and CREATIVE, Lisa!

  24. As far as I’m concerned, you won this challenge hands down! It’s so easy to immediately think RWB and stars, but a fox! That is definitely one very clever idea … clever … a much “nicer” word than sly in my book 😉

    • Hi Jovita, I am glad you liked the fox! It is very simple to make. I just wanted to let you know his project wasn’t a challenge. It was a group of friends that Sweet Sugar Belle asked to show different ways to use a star cuter. There are thousands of things you can do with simple cutters. I was blown away by all the beautiful cookies and desserts everyone came up with. It was truly an honor to participate with all the amazing talented bloggers and decorators.

  25. I have to ditto all of the above…absolute genius. Wish this challenge had occurred last year as the ‘fox’ cookies I had to make during the winter might not have been such a fail. Also so grateful for the icing color portion of your tutorial!

  26. Lisa, I hope Callye gave you the most creative use of the star cutter!


  27. Question for you…. I see a marker you used to draw on the cookie… where did you find it and can this be used on sugar sheet transfers for cakes? You’ve got my mind working and my tummy growling 😉 Very cute little foxes!

  28. I was desperately looking for a fox cookie cutter. I just had a boy, middle name Fox, and I get all excited and thought to search for ideas for his first birthday, even though he’s only six weeks old. My search wasn’t going well thanks to Googling “fox cookie cutter” and getting Fox Run brand cutters. I found your cookies quickly on Google Images, mentally begged you to show what cutter you used, clicked the link, and was both relieved and impressed! I love your idea, so creative and perfect for what I need!

    • Hahaha! I am so glad you found it and can use a simple cutter. I redid this post today so you might want to check it out before you make them.

  29. Do you know what kind/size cookie cutter you used? I like how yours doesn’t have too sharp of edges. Thanks!

    • Hi Emily,

      I have so many star cookie cutters that I have collected over the years I can’t remember where I got this one. If you cut out your stars and you want the edges a little more round, use your finger to smooch the tips a little before you bake the cookies. This will give you the effect you are looking for.

  30. Hi
    Your Cookies look amazing I am doing a fox themed party for my son and wanted to know what you use to spread the icing on the cookies how does it come out so shiny and perfect ??

  31. Thank you so much for this great tutorial. We just celebrated our son’s first birthday and had a fox theme party. These cookies were our ‘loot bags’. And although mine were not as beautiful and perfect as yours, they were still a big hit. Many, many thanks!

  32. Going to try to make these this week. I’ve never done anything like this before, but your tutorials are wonderful and each time I read them I have a tiny bit more confidence–I’m finally ready to take the leap. Wish me luck!

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