Popsicle Cookies by LilaLoa (Guest Post)

Have you ever had a friend you have never seen in person? Have you ever asked that friend for a favor? Did that friend do that favor for you without any questions and give you something that blew your mind?  Well, it happened to me! I asked Georganne aka LilaLoa (one of my favorite blogs BTW) to do a guest post for me. LOOK WHAT SHE DID!!! She is talented, amazing, funny, creative, friendly and all around AWESOME!! These popsicle cookies are marvelous! Take it away Georganne!!!
Popsicle Cookies by Lilaloa www.thebearfootbaker.com

Popsicle Cookies by LilaLoa:

So this one time, there was this super fun person that decorated cookies and also ran a summer camp and was the nicest person in the entire world. And then she started a blog and I realized that we were basically best friends forever, only she didn’t know it yet. And if we are being honest, she still doesn’t. But someday I am going to braid her a friendship bracelet and mail it to her and then she’ll know. And then we can write dramatic letters about boys and cookies and, you know, things that are important and dramatic and that need to be written about in letters between best friends forever.
Popsicle Cookies by Lilaloa www.thebearfootbaker.com
Also, I will share my popsicles with her. I love frozen things. Popsicles, Otter Pops, Shaved Ice, strawberries that have been frozen and then put in a blender until they are very nearly smooth and then poured into a glass of ice-cold lemonade and served with a bendy straw…all good things.
Popsicle Cookies by Lilaloa www.thebearfootbaker.com
I will not however be sharing my popsicles with my children. Because of THIS. This is what happens when you give a child of any age a popsicle. And it usually occurs on brand new carpet, fine linen, and expensive clothing. The probability of it happening immediately before a large group photo is 97%. (Give or take 42%.)
Popsicle Cookies by Lilaloa www.thebearfootbaker.com
In my effort to promote truth and realism…I encourage you to make popsicles as they really are…melted and forgotten. Except, maybe don’t actually forget to eat these cookies.
Popsicle Cookies by Lilaloa www.thebearfootbaker.com
Make the popsicle cutter by squishing a football cutter in the middle. Use it just like that and cut off the one of the ends before inserting the popsicle stick. OR…mush around one of the rounded edges to be a little more squared off. That’s what I did.
Popsicle Cookies by Lilaloa www.thebearfootbaker.com
 I rolled my cookie dough out thinner than usual and made these cookies in two layers with a popsicle stick in the middle. It seemed easier. I like easier. For the melted cookies…take a flower cutter (or a cloud cutter or any cutter at all that has round loopy parts) and then mush either the cutter or the cookie dough after you cut it out. I mushed the dough. Put a popsicle stick on top of that and then cover with half of a popsicle.
Popsicle Cookies by Lilaloa www.thebearfootbaker.com
1. Before you ice anything, check the consistency of your icing. It needs to be right down the light between flood and outline. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who reads my blog…but I used a 15 count icing.
2. Fill the bottom layer first and then —
3. Immediately ice the top layer of the cookie, going ALL the way to the edges. Ideally, you want the top layer to lean over far enough to give the bottom layer a high-five. But no closer than that. Because if they get too close, they are going to end up hanging out all the time and then they’ll start dating and if they break up then the top layer is totally going to blame you because you are the one that introduced them. It’s just not worth it.
4. Throw a bunch of sanding sugar on top. I used both colored sugar and white granulated sugar so it would look all icy and stuff.

Popsicle Cookies by Lilaloa www.thebearfootbaker.comIf you guys want to be best friends forever and make cookies every day of our lives…in our pajamas….with ice cream….while making up secret code words to discuss super normal things like “laundry” and “food”…I’m totally cool with that. Come visit me at my blog – LilaLoa. Just say that Norm sent you. (Because if we are making up code words, then I think its only fair that I get a code name.)

WOW!! I love these Popsicle Cookies!!!! LilaLoa is so sweet for making these for us today! If you every want your day to be better, go to Georganne’s blog. I feel better about my day, life and world peace every time I visit her. Plus, she always makes me giggle or laugh out loud!

Thank you so much Georganne for these perfect Popsicle Cookies! I am so happy to find out we are best friends because I was going to tell you this week I made us BFF bracelets in crafts class! We will wear them every day and talk about boys!!

Bear hugs,