What Does the Fox Say Cookies

I wasn’t planning on doing this post. It came about because I saw the fox cookies I made on Pinterest with the caption, “What does the fox say.” I thought it was funny because my oldest son had told me about the song and Youtube video the day before. The video is kinda weird but, it cracked me up enough to make what does the fox say cookies.

What-Does-the-Fox-Say-Cookies-via-thebearfootbaker.com_I did a short tutorial for it and you can always see the original here. I had to stop myself from dressing up like a fox and making a video while doing the “what does the fox say dance.” I didn’t and you’re welcome. No one wants to see that.

Supplies for What Does the Fox Say:

Mix 15 Second Icing for each of the following colors in a piping bag with #2 tips:

  • Orange-ish Icing- I used AmeriColors orange, burgundy and ivory and added a small amount of each color until I got the orange-ish color I wanted.
  • Darker Orange-ish- Follow the same steps for the orangish but add a tiny amount of brown.
  • White
  • Black
  • Star Cookie Cutter

Paintbrush (Optional)

What Does the Fox Say by thebearfootbaker.comI did the ears a little different this time thanks to Mike at Semi Sweet. He has given cookies a little more dimension by painting on a color and then piping icing around it. Check out his posts here and here. Also, Gail from One Tough Cookie did this technique here. I plan on doing this technique alot because it gives parts of your cookie depth.

Following his tutorial, paint the inside of the ears with the dark orange color and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Then, outline and flood the fox with the lighter orange-ish color. Let it dry completely.

What Does the Fox Say Cookies www.thebearfootbaker.comOutline and flood the rest of the face with white icing.
Add royal icing nose and eyes with a drop of icing. You can add the eyes and nose when the icing is wet but, I was out of transfers and had to wait for them to dry. You can do it either way.

What Does the Fox Say Cookies with thebearfootbaker.comI am so glad Sweet Sugar Belle did the 20+ Ways to use a Star Cookie Cutter. I never would have made these cookies with the challenge she gave us.

If you want to see the What Does the Fox Say video click here.

This is my favorite Youtube video and I hope you laugh like this baby all week!

Bear hugs,



  1. Apparently I have been living under a rock because I had not heard anything about this video until some show did a Halloween “spoof” on it. Having said that…your fox cookies are ADORABLE! A star cookie cutter? Brilliant! I wish I could think this stuff up like you do!

  2. Lisa, you are mistaken, everyone wants to see you do the “What Does the Fox Say?” dance!! 😉 I’ve always loved this sweet fox cookie!

  3. Just when I thought I got this catchy song out of my head, it shows up on one of my favorite cookie blogs. 😛 Thanks, Lisa. I love how you revisited a past design and did a new take on it. When I think fox cookies I will forever think of your star fox version. Thanks so much for the shout out too!

  4. It’s funny that you’ve seen that video way over on your side of the globe, it’s been super popular over here to, it’s from here actually! :)

  5. These cookies are so cute! That song is back in my head now – but it was totally worth it! : )

  6. Kijo Wright says:

    I love foxes!! and these cookies are just way too cute!! I did a Zombie flash mob dance to what does the fox say! Great job as always!

  7. These are such cute cookies! I never would have thought to re-purpose a star cookie cutter to create something like this. Now I’m totally inspired to look at basic shape cutters and see what other designs can be created by them. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  8. How creative, these cookies are great! Thank you :)

  9. If I wasn’t such an admirer, I would be soooo mad at you for bringing up that song! It took me a week to get it out of my head and now it’s back. Grrrr! I will say I’m glad you did the ears “Mikey Style”, that’s such an awesome way to add depth and I love the fox’s ears. I remember your fox from my early cookie blog stalking days. I love him!

    Feel free to reply to this post with any ways you have of getting songs unstuck from your brain. :)

  10. I’ve heard that song once and now to see your sweet cookies makes it good! Always love how you reinvent something like the FOX – and that laughing baby is the cutest!

  11. hilarious!

  12. HUNGRY BEAR COME LOOKING FOR BROWNIES. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. =)

  13. PS-There is a bear digging through your blog dumpster, LOL!

  14. Your star fox is so fantastic, and I love the dimension technique! I finally watched that video last week and thought “What the heck!?!” I’m sure I would love your version better:)

  15. This is such a creative use for a star cookie cutter. I love how crisp and dimensional your icing turned out! Hope you’re having a great week!

  16. Lisa, thank you so much for the mention! I love the way you did the foxes the first time, and I love them even more now. With or without that crazy music video.

  17. I love this idea. I have a white pom puppy who looks like a miniature arctic fox and I am making cookies of her this week! Thank you!!

  18. Crystal Peacher says:

    Would you be interested in making and selling these to me? I’m not a good pastry decorator and I’ll be planning my daughters birthday and don’t need the added stress. I live in New Mexico. PLEASE :)

    • Hi Crystal, I am sorry but I live in a state that doesn’t allow home bakery sales. I wish I could help but I can’t. Sorry! Hope your daughter has an awesome birthday party!

  19. Nancy cole says:

    Just got a great fox cookie jar at Cracker Barrel can’t wait to fill it with fox cookies for my granddaughter.

  20. I also would be interested in these for a baby shower I am hosting. Maybe you don’t have to sell them.

    • I think these would be great for a baby shower! I am sorry but, I prefer to teach people how to make and decorate rather than to bake and ship myself. If you make these cookies and need help all you have to do is email me. 😉

  21. Where did you get your star cookie cutter? Thanks!

    • Hi Megan,

      The good thing about this design is you can use just about any star cutter you want. I am not sure where I found mine as I have had it for many years. If you want your star to have more rounded points, just touch the unbaked dough with your finger to make the rounded. Once you have the look you want, bake them.

  22. Nice, nice, nice !!! ♥
    Kind regards

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