Carrot Cake Roll Out Cookies

Happy April Everyone!! Can you believe Easter is almost here? Like the Easter Bunny, time is hopping right along!

Today I have something a little different for you. My friend Lil Luna asked me to make some cookies for her blog. I was thrilled, and since Easter is this Sunday, I thought I would create a recipe for Carrot Cake Roll-Out Cookies with my mom’s Cream Cheese Icing. After all, the only thing better than carrot cake is carrot COOKIES!

I looked online and found several recipes but none of them were roll-out cookies. I wanted to cut some cute Easter shapes instead of having a round cookie just to make things fun. I found a recipe I liked and tweaked a bit and it worked! I had fun making these and my family had fun eating them! If you want to make some click here for the recipe.

Happy Creating,