Chocolate Cake Cookies

What is it about seeing a beautiful cake that makes my heart skip a beat? I feel like my heart stops when I go on Pinterest and look at all the gorgeous cakes. The talent and creativity is endless. Well, I want to apply that to cookies. I know you all have see pretty stacked cookies. They are beautiful and I wanted to try my hand at it. I wanted to try something a little different.  I wanted drama. I wanted rustic with elegance. I wanted chocolate!

What do you think? Cookies deserve to be on a pedestal too!

I used LilaLoa’s Chocolate Cookie Recipe
White Thick Icing ( a litter thicker than 20 second icing)
Ribbon Roses

I mixed up a batch of LilaLoa’s “The END+ALL for Chocolate Cookies Recipe”. If you have not tried her chocolate cookies, you don’t know what you are missing! You HAVE to try them! I promise you will love them! Look how beautiful the dough is! Yummy!!

Next, cut out a bunch of circle cookies. You can use whatever size cutter you want. You will need 3 cookies for each assembled cake.

While they cool you can make fondant rolled roses or you can use royal icing roses. For Sweet Sugar Belle’s tutorial, click here.  For Ali Bee’s Bake Shop video tutorial, click here. I have several jars of royal icing ribbon roses that I keep on hand so this is what I used. They are very handy to have and a great way to use your leftover icing.

Start with one cookie for the bottom of the cake.
Then, squeeze out some white icing onto the bottom cookie getting it close to the edge. I used a thick layer of icing to make it look like a thick layer of cake icing.

Next, add another cookie. Let this dry for awhile. If not the pressure from all the added layers will make your icing run off the sides.

Then, squeeze out more white icing onto the cookie getting it close to the edge.

 Add the top cookie. Let it dry for a little while longer.

Now, add the icing for the top of the cake.

Add a few rolled fondant roses and admire your gorgeous cake cookie!

I think these cookies would make great centerpieces. Stacked cookies cakes are not just for wedding anymore! The would be great as birthday cookies or thank you cookies. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some stunning cakes and cake cookies that make my heart go pitter-patter!
The Perfect Palette
Style Me Pretty-This cake made me swoon!!!!
the little red house
Sugar Cookie Cakes by Martha Stewart
Bridal Shower Cookie Favors by Dough and Batter

Happy Creating,