Getting to Know Each Other {reader survey}

Hello sweet friends!

Chocolate Chip Cookies (reader survey) | The Bearfoot Baker

I just wanted to pop in this morning with something because I love you and want to make The Bearfoot Baker the most awesome-est place possible for you. I know it’s easy to feel completely anonymous online but I prefer to think of us as close friends that have known each other for years. BeforeI can do that I need to know a little bit more about you.

Would you help me know you better by taking a quick little survey and answer a few questions? I know your busy so I’ll be quick. It’s completely anonymous and I won’t have any idea who you are when you answer the questions. The information will help me know who reads The Bearfoot Baker and what you like and don’t like. All good friends should do this don’t you think?

By answering the questions you will help me make The Bearfoot Baker a happy, relevant and valuable place where you can come hang out and see what you want to see. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone that comes here week after week. THANK YOU!

Thanks so much for helping me out! I hope you know that I love ya more than my cookie cutters!

Use the below form or CLICK HERE to participate.

Bear hugs,