Let Your Icing Flow- How to Unclog Icing Tips

How to Unclog Cake and Cookie Decorating Tips for Stress free Decorating via www.thebearfootbaker.com

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

I sometimes get in such a zone decorating that I leave my icing tip exposed to the air. We all know what that does! It clogs the end of the tip and you can squeeze until your veins pop but no icing will come out. I have squeezed so hard that I busted the icing bag! What a mess! It was the newer Wilton bags that spring leaks if you look at them wrong but more on that later!

How to unclog icing tips by The Bearfoot BakerI am squeezing in this picture but NOTHING is coming out!! So I will squeeze harder…

How to unclog icing tips by The Bearfoot BakerSee my vein!!! Hey LOOK! I have squeezed hard enough to make a blue eye on a cookie but I have developed Carpal tunnel syndrome in the processes!

How to unclog icing tips by The Bearfoot BakerThis is why I am over the sink! BTW- my water is not this hot but it did steam up my lense and I thought it looked cool and I could make a good point! (how is that for a run on sentence?)

Anyway, you don’t have to change your tip or even take it off and wash it. You just have to hold it under hot water for a minute and it will unclog!

Now, I am not smart enough to think of this on my own! I was the one sitting at the kitchen table with the box of tips changing them every time one got clogged. Or, I would take it off, run to the sink and wash it before the icing oozed out of my bag onto my table and shake it off as I ran back to put it back on the bag! Yes, I have done this once or twice!

Jen Whitlock taught me to run hot water over the tip! She is an awesome decorator and I am not just talking cookies! She makes cakes also! If you want your socks knocked off just click here or here! See!! She is incredible! I am in total awe of her! She is also super smart and this little tip is only the tip of the iceberg of what she has taught me! Did I mention that I am blessed because I have such amazing friends?? Well, it is true!

How to unclog icing tips by The Bearfoot BakerIt doesn’t just work on blue icing, it works with green icing,

How to unclog icing tips by The Bearfoot Bakerand orange icing,

How to unclog icing tips by The Bearfoot Bakerand this funky flesh tone icing! Be sure to dry your tips and the bag to remove all the water before you start decorating again. You might need to squeeze some icing onto a paper towel to get all the water out of the tip so it won’t mess up your cookie. Water and royal icing do not play well together so keep them away from each other!

Well, there you have it! You don’t have to change the tips while decorating if they get clogged. Thanks to Jen we can just run a little hot water over them to get them flowing again! THANKS JEN!

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Happy Creating,