Perfect Cupcakes Every Time!

Do you get frustrated when you need your cupcakes to look uniform and you try your best to make them that way only to have some ginormous ones and some look like the runt of the litter?  I hate when that happens! So here is my “Quick Tip” for perfect cupcakes.

Remember this guy?Perfect cupcakes by

Picture Perfect Cupcakes:

I know you are probably thinking, “This woman is crazy!” Well, I may be crazy but when I need pictures of perfect cupcakes this is how I do it. I use my handy dandy little scale from Wal-Mart. They didn’t have a picture of it on their website but, here is one at Amazon for less than $20. I don’t use it often for cupcakes but, when I know I need picture perfect cupcakes, I reach for the scale!

Perfect cupcakes

After I mix the cupcake batter (this one is from a box but don’t tell anyone), I pour the batter into the cupcake papers while they are in the muffin pan. Then I pick out the fullest looking one to get the weight.

Perfect cupcakes thebearfootbaker.comThen, one by one, I weigh each cupcake and add or remove some batter to make them all weight the same. Then bake according to your recipe.

UPDATE: One of my nice readers told me if you place the cupcakes with the liners on the scale, you fill one to the weight you want it then, push the “Tare” button and it will take you back to a 0.0 weight. Fill one and zero the scale out. It couldn’t be more simple.

Perfect cupcakes thebearfootbaker.comWhen they are done, they will all be the exact same size for your cupcake photo shoot! Like I said before, I don’t do this every time I make cupcakes. I would use this method for special occasions like birthdays, weddings or blog pictures that I want to be perfect.

I used this method for these pumpkin cupcakes, Dracula cupcakes and Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein cupcakes. They all turned out perfect. Here are a few baking tips from Better Homes and Garden for perfect cupcakes.

Happy Creating!