Royal Icing Recipe Chalkboard Free Printable

The other day I shared the Sugar Cookie Recipe Chalkboard Printable with you and you all liked it so much, I decided to make a royal icing recipe chalkboard free printable to go with it.
Free Royal Icing Recipe Chalkboard Printable | The Bearfoot Baker

Free Royal Icing Recipe Chalkboard Printable:

Royal Icing Recipe
Half a Batch of Royal Icing
Free Sugar Cookie Recipe Chalkboard Printable

Let’s just start out by saying that only one recipe probably isn’t going to work for everyone in the world.  If that were the case we would only have one apple pie recipe. How boring would that be?

When I began baking cookies I experimented with a lot of different royal icing recipes. I tried some from my favorite bloggers (there were only a few when I started decorating) and I tried some from a few cookie books I had purchased. I even tried the recipe that came inside the Wilton Meringue Powder container. All of them were good recipes, but none of them were the one I was looking for.

I finally found one that I liked, but over the years I have made it differently than the original recipe. The big difference is some of the ingredients are “Shaken, not stirred” Mr. Bond. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. When you place the meringue powder, water, flavor (mostly vanilla for me) and cream of tartar into a jar and shake it, it creates a foam. Some of you don’t like the foam and that is perfectly alright, however, I love the foam. I am not a scientist or anything, but it seems that by shaking these specific ingredients before adding them to the powdered sugar, helps my icing look more puffy then just stirring them together. I don’t know if that is a good way to describe it, but it adds volume to the icing which makes the cookies look nice and full once they are decorated.

I don’t have any way to prove this and it might actually all be in my head, but whatever the is happening, it works for me.
Free Royal Icing Recipe Chalkboard Printable | The Bearfoot Baker

Free Royal Icing Recipe Chalkboard Printable

I don’t want to go on and on about royal icing, but there are a few more things I want to tell you in the very near future. It is all part of “The Bearfoot Basics” series and it will explain a little of why we do the things we do when we decorate.

Hope you enjoy your printable. If you missed the Free Sugar Cookie Recipe Chalkboard Printable you can find it here.

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