Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush

I was a busy girl this weekend! I outlined and flooded a bunch of  bunny rabbit cookies and set up my airbrush gun had a great time stenciling cookies and making some airbrushing videos to share with you. Not just videos like, “Hey, watch what I can do” videos. These are going to be videos that will help you get the results you want with your airbrush gun.

It is going to be a fun journey and we will learn a lot together. What do you say, do you want to have some fun stenciling cookies with an airbrush gun?

Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush Gun via www.thebearfootbaker.comThe cookies in this photo aren’t perfect. As a matter of fact, most of them are messed up. I want to show you how we can all become better decorators with the airbrush gun if we learn a few tips and practice a bit.

Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush Gun:

I have so many video tutorials I want to make for you. This first one will help you get a nice clean pattern on your cookies when you use an airbrush and stencil. In the video I am using The Stencil Genie, but you can do the same thing with magnets. The key to a clean pattern that is not blurry is the height of your cookie and the height of the stencil.

Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush with thebearfootbaker.comIf you have a Stencil Genie then you probably know each side of the frame is a different size. It is actually a brilliant design because we can use whatever side we need to fit the height of our cookies. My cookies require the thin side of the genie because keeping the stencil close to the cookie is very important when trying to ge a nice clean pattern on the cookie.

Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush via thebearfootbaker.comIf I flip the genie over and use the thicker side, well, look at the second bunny cookie. My pattern will be very blurry.

Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush Gun by thebearfootbaker.comThe reason the stencil needs to be close to the cookies is because when it is not close, the color in the airbrush gun has the freedom to land where it wants under the stencil. If the stencil is close to the cookie, you are making the color go where you want it to go.

I think of it as having a puppy. Bear with me for a minute. If you get a new puppy and let it outside without a fence around your yard, the puppy will run crazy and probably chase the neighbors cat all over the neighborhood.

Now if you have a fence and you let your puppy outside, chances are you have control where your puppy goes. Same thing with the stencil. You want to make a fence that allows your airbrush color to have a nice controlled space to land.

Here is a video that will help you see this in action. Remember, the closer the stencil is to the cookie when you spray, the cleaner and sharper the pattern will appear on your cookie.

Tutorial for Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush Gun by thebearfootbaker.comSo grab your stencils (all of them) and practice airbrushing. Oh yeah, if you need some super neat really cool stencils, you should head over to The Cookie Countess. She has a shop full of wonderful patterns that will make your cookies gorgeous. And if you are like me, you will need them all!

Bear hugs,

My Secret to Perfect Airbrushed Cookies via