How to Make a Turkey Cookie with a Pineapple Cutter

Have you ever done something and wonder why on earth you didn’t take the extra step to make it much better? Well, I’ve done that and I want to make things right. Way back in November 2014, I made these Easy Turkey Cookies and I didn’t make a video showing you how to make them. So I made a video for you because these little guys are so cute. Let’s make some cookie dough so we can fill our Thanksgiving with turkeys.

turkey cookie, Thanksgiving cookie, pineapple, thanksgiving treat

Supply List for Easy Turkey Cookies with a Pineapple Cutter:
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Supply List:
Easy Turkey Cookies – Pineapple Cutter Tutorial
I bought my Pineapple Cookie Cutter years ago so I don’t have a link to the one I purchased. If you want to buy a cutter, try to get one with crown-like this- Pineapple Cookie Cutter because you’ll have room to make the feathers look separate and cute.

How to Make a Turkey Cookie with a Pineapple Cutter Video

I’m not going to list the entire tutorial here because it’s already on the Easy Turkey Cookies – Pineapple Cutter tutorial.  You can find the supply list and pictures there so you’ll be able to see how he’s made. The only thing that was missing from that tutorial was a video showing you how to make a turkey cookie with a pineapple cutter and now it’s right here so enjoy it!

turkey cookie, Thanksgiving cookie, pineapple, thanksgiving treat

Out of all the turkeys I’ve made through the years, this little guy is one of my favorites because he’s sweet! I don’t know if it’s because I love pineapples or just because this little guy is so cute! Did you happen to see my How to Make Awesome Pineapple Cookies-Video tutorial? You should totally check it out because you may end up loving pineapples as much as I do!

I know, I know we’re supposed to be talking about how to make turkey cookies and all things turkey because Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Well, I’ve got more turkey cookies and fun Thanksgiving treats because who doesn’t love turkeys?

Turkey Cookies and Thanksgiving Treats:

Even though Thanksgiving is almost here you still have time to make cookies because they’re all simple designs. I’m sure you have cutters you can get creative with so everyone can decorate. You can also bake a few cookies and make a little royal icing before Thanksgiving and have a decorating party with your guests. I know you’ll make awesome memories and everyone will feel loved because they got to make special turkey cookies with their favorite cookie decorator.

I’m setting up a table so my kids and grandkids can decorate some turkeys made with a pineapple, a turkey leg, or Christmas cutter cookie. The important thing is we need to be happy and sugar cookies are a great way to accomplish happy memories.

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