Owl Cookies with Big Eyes

I think owls are super cute! We have them at our house and I can hear them all night long hooting at each other. It is really neat and kinda eerie at the same time. As I sat on the porch Friday night drinking a cup of coffee, I heard several of them and decided to make some colorful owl cookies. I don’t have an owl cutter so I had to come up with something on my own. I am pretty sure every cookier owns these cutters.

Owl Cookies by thebearfootbaker.comCan you tell what cutters I used? Would you believe it is and egg cutter and a heart cutter? Well, it is.

Supplies for Owl Cookies:

Use any colors you want for this but here is the list of colors I used.
AmeriColor Sky Blue Thick & Flood Icing
AmeriColor Electric Yellow+ a tiny bit of Wilton Buttercup Yellow Thick & Flood Icing
Wilton Juniper Green + Americolor Electric Green Thick & Flood Icing
AmeriColor Soft Pink Thick & Flood Icing
Wilton Violet Thick & Flood Icing
White Outline Icing
AmeriColor Electric Orange  Outline Icing
Black Outline Icing
White Pearlized Sugar Pearls
Eye Template White & Black

Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
  1. To make the Royal Icing Transfer eyes, you will need, wax paper, tape a flat surface to pipe on and a pattern if you want your eyes to be the same size. Click here for my other RI Transfer tutorial.
  2. Print the templates above for this step or if you want to make the patterns yourself follow these step: trace 2 different sized decorating tips for the eyes. The large one is a cupcake tip and it is #9FT and the small one is a #2 PME. Remember, when you make RI Transfers, make extra because sometimes they break.
  3. First, pipe the small circles black. While they are wet, add a White Pearlized Sugar Pearls for the sparkle in the eyes. Let them dry completely. When they dry, carefully remove them from the wax paper.
  4. Pipe the large circle white. While the white is still wet, drop the black part of the eye in the center. The good thing is, you can make these a few days ahead of time. The bad thing is these have to dry completely before you start your owls.

Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com

  1. I uses an egg cutter from a bag of cutters I got at Wal-Mart at Easter. You can use any egg cutter you have.
  2. Once you cut out the egg, move the bottom of the egg cutter to the top of the egg and cut it off. The lower you cut, the fatter your owl will be.
  3. Cut the wings out with a heart cutter. You need 2-half hearts. Mine was a weird shape so I cut 2 and flipped one over.
  4. Once you have your heart wings, trim them with the egg cutter.
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.comNext, place the wings on the owl and bake.
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
With the purple flood icing, outlining and flood the wings.
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
With the thick icing, make some dots along the bottom of the owls body. I uses a PME 2.5 tip but, a 3 would work also. The size of your “feathers” depends on the size of your egg. If you use a mini egg, you need smaller dots. If you have a larger egg, then you will need larger dots. That was a really long way to tell you to find the tip that works best for your owl!
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
Next, with a butter knife, start in the center of the dot and pull down toward the cookie.

Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.comRepeat the dots overlapping them slightly and continue up the body.

 Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
Continue the rows until you are happy. I did my owls different ways. Some of the rows stopped at the top of the wings and on other owls, I continued and made thin eyebrows. I wanted them to have different personalities.
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
Once you either make the feather and add the face or the eyebrow, add the RI Transfer eyes.
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
This is one of the owls with the thinner eyebrows.
Next, with the orange thick icing, make three little toes on each foot.
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
Then, with the orange thick icing, add the nose.
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
There you have it! Owls with ruffled feathered tummies. I love texture on my cookies. I want to make more cookies using this technique and already have a few ideas. I have seen this technique on cakes and wanted to try it with cookies and Royal Icing. I really like the way they turned out and can’t wait to make some in fun Halloween colors for the kids in my neighborhood.
Owl Cookies thebearfootbaker.com
Here are some other owl cookies.
Sweet Sugar Belle- Owl Always Love You Cookies
Love the Day-Owl Never Forget free printables
Happy Creating,


  1. says

    I love them. They are adorable. I think the hardest thing looks like the RI eyes. I get so impatient that I am sure to mess those up! Thanks for such a great tutorial.

    • Lisa says

      I had a hard time with that step also Marci! I wanted them to dry immediately! I have a new plan. When I have left over icing, I am going to use it to make eyes so I always have some on hand.

  2. Laura Pokas says

    I just love these and the simplicity of how they come together to look complicated! Thanks for always sharing your talents :)

  3. Brandi @ Joyful Cookies says

    Love the feathers! That is so smart. And the large eyes are perfect. Going to have to come up with a reason to try these. I think they would be great in some Halloween colors.

    • Lisa says

      I can’t wait to make them in Halloween colors! If you make some Brandi, please tag me! I would love to see them.

  4. Christine Shen says

    Lisa! This is the best owl tutorial ever! I love how you did the feathers and those eyes are amazing (as well as do-able!). I really love the feather technique and can’t wait to try it…maybe even ruffles for a dress! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Brendag says

    Oh these are amazing. I have wanted a “fat” little owl cutter but they were too expensive, thank you for the tutorial. I love owls too, they really look so smart!!

    • Lisa says

      Hey Brendag, the good thing about using the egg as the cutter, you can make him really fat if you want. You could even use a circle to make them fatter if you want. I didn’t want to pay a lot for a cutter I won’t use that much either. So, I did it the Sweet Sugar Belle way and went hunting through my cutters!

  6. says

    DARLING!!!!! These are sooo sweet!!!! Just love how they each have a personality…. Question…when you did the eyes….did you actually pipe around to form a circle or did you use a tip and just squeeze the bag till the to achieve the circle. Seems every time I squeeze to get a perfect circle…the eyes get to thick and get craters…any suggestions??

    • Lisa says

      Hi Amalia, I used thick icing and placed the tip close to the wax paper. Then, I squeezed the piping bag and let the icing build up. When I had the amount of icing I wanted, I stuck a boo boo stick in the center and move it around some. That helps get the air bubbles out so it doesn’t cave. Gravity will naturally pull it down some but if you build up your icing, it will hold its shape better than piping a circle and filling it. Hope this helps!

  7. says

    Great tutorial. I am making owl cookies for a baby shower in September, so this was very helpful. I had planned to make fondant eyes, but I might give the white sugar pearls a try! For some reason I am not receiving your feeds via email even though I have signed up multiple times, so I’m glad I caught your post on Facebook.

    • Lisa says

      Thanks for letting me know about my emails not coming through. I will check into that. Please let me know when you make the shower cookies. I can’t wait to see them:)

  8. TriciaZ says

    Lisa, these are the cutest owls! I love the texture of the feathers. Once again, thank you for an awesome tutorial!!

  9. Rebecca Buchanan says

    These are so cute. I cannot imagine watching someone eat such a creation? I used your photo for my desktop background, it makes me smile!

  10. says

    Your owls could not be any CUTER!!! LOVE those eyes!
    Lisa, I had an experience a couple years back which involved driving at night, a curvy country road, an owl, and a shattered windshield. Perhaps your cookies will help me get over that mini trauma. :)

    • Lisa says

      Oh My Goodness SUE!! I can’t believe it shattered your windshield! I hope you can get over that mini trauma. My daughter came home a few years ago and a large owl was in our driveway eating a rabbit and it traumatized her for a while! LOL She finally got over it because she thinks owls are really, really cute!

  11. TracyLH says

    Oh, my goodness! I cannot get over your cookie brilliance!! I love how you did the feathers on the chest!!! Such wonderful dimension and, as always, another great Lisa idea! Seriously, these little guys could not be any cuter!!

  12. TracyLH says

    Oh…my!!! I just read the text and… pearlized sugar pearls?! You are just entirely too awesome, Lisa! What a fantastic idea! I bow down to your cookie cleverness!

  13. Sweetsugarbelle says

    Oh geeze! I made owls this weekend too! I wish you had posted this on SATURDAY!!! I see some things I wish I’d done differently!!! Love these, L!!

  14. says

    Wow!! You are one talented lady. Just visited your blog for the first time. I’m amazed. Thanks for the step by step, I think just maybe I could create something close!

  15. Sharon says

    Wow Lisa…you just made an “owl” person out of me. I’ve never seen such cute ones! These are definately tops in my book, and ones I can’t wait to try! Bless you for sharing! Love em!!!

  16. Marian says

    Ingenious , adorable and fun. Plus what a great tutorial. My grandson absolutely loves owl and I will try to make these for him. However, in the meantime I just baked up some fish cookies and was trying to figure out how I was going to make Nemo’s big eyes. Lisa, you just made my day and realllllllly made me smile.

  17. Constanza Vargas says

    OMG!!!! It´s a beautiful work!! and it´s very sweet of you to shared with us how to do it.
    I send you a lot regards…from CHILE….

  18. Julianne Nielsen says

    I love your cookies. I just don’t like hard icing, i.e. Royal icing, on cookies. I’m a buttercream fan. Would I be able to do this with buttercream, especially the ‘flooding’ part? Thanks for your input.

  19. Hope Farthing says

    I love the cookies they will be great for my daughters 2nd birthday coming up Sept. 19. thank you for sharing god bless.

  20. Linda says

    I love the feather technique! I have been wanting to try that on cakes, as it is very popular right now. I never would have thought to try it on cookies!!!! Thanks!

  21. Stacy K. says

    Oh Lisa, these are darling! I LOVE the feather technique.
    My 3 yr. old adores owls; I don’t know where he picked it up. Every time we drive past an exit sign on the highway that has Hooters listed as one of the places nearby to eat, he says “OWL! HOOO HOOOO!” LOL. Mama may have to make him some of these owl cookies. :-)

  22. says

    Oh my gosh Lisa,
    I’ve been seeing owl cookies popping up everywhere and your’s is my absolute favourite!!! Its soooo cute!
    My whole family loves owls, sounds like our surname :0P
    Amazing! So Cute!!! I can’t stop saying that, but they are SOOOOO cute!! <3

  23. KimB says

    Those are adorable owls!!! I have been on an Owl kick lately…..so I really love these!! Thanks for showing how you did it!!

  24. Angelika Knappe says

    Ich liebe Ihre Seite,nun sind meine Zwillingsenkelchen begeisterte Bäcker;-) Vielleicht ist es möglich mehrere Anleitungen hier zu zeigen,damit meine Beiden es nachbacken können,wenn sie Omilietag haben;-) Ich bin begeistert von Ihren Talent,ein riesiges Kompliment.Habe sie bei Facebook entdeckt und meinen Freunden weiter empfohlen.Liebe Grüsse aus Bonn/Deutschland

  25. Dana D. says

    Hi Lisa! I just love your wonderful owl cookies! The feather technique is a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with a cookie decorating want-a-be. I am getting some cookie decorating supplies together so during the winter months I can give cooke decorating a try. I look forward to all of your future creative cookie decorating ideas.

  26. Trisha says

    Thank you so much for the idea. They are beautiful I’m making these for my daughters 21st birthday. She is owl crazy. She is going to love these. I love the idea of using the egg cookie cutter for the shape. I couldnt find a fat owl cookie cutter anywhere.

    • Lisa says

      Happy Birthday to your daughter Trisha! I hope she has a great day and I am honored you are making these for her! (((Bear Hug))))

  27. Kelly says

    Seldom do I make cookies following someone’s design exactly….but these cute owls were so perfectly adorable they didn’t require any adaptations! I created a batch of these guys yesterday and they’ve been a hit with everyone I’ve shared them with! Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial! =)

    • Lisa says

      I am so glad you enjoyed the tutorial and everyone enjoyed your owl cookies. They are fun to make and I can’t wait to make them in Halloween colors for the neighborhood kids. You made my night;)

  28. Becky Avila says

    I’m new to decorating and am LOVING it. I am also loving discovering all of these awesome cookie decorating sites. Your cookies are amazing. Thank you for your wonderful tutorials. I am far from an artist but can copy and follow instructions great! Thanks again!!

  29. says

    I don’t know how I didn’t see these before. They are absolutely adorable!! I never would’ve thought of pairing the heart and egg to make these. And I love how you did the feathers. So cute!

  30. sandrica fisher says

    Hello Lisa, I absolutely love these. Do you bake to sell? My daughter is having her 1st birthday and I would love to have some of these. I can’t find a bakery to do them in my small town.

  31. Ana says

    Hi Lisa,
    I have been searching for owl cookies for my daughter and this are by far the cutest!
    One question though, how many days in advance can I make the eyes? Or the whole cookie itself. I have plenty going on, want to see what I can get done in advance.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas!

    • Lisa says

      Hi Ana. You can make the eyes weeks in advance. I suggest you make the white part of the eye and let them dry for a long time (days or even a week) so when you add the black it doesn’t bleed into the white. You can store them in a cool dark place in an airtight container and they will last a very, very long time.

      You can make the cookies in advance also but, I personally don’t make them more than a few days because I like them really fresh. Again, store them in a airtight container once they are completely dry.

      Happy Birthday to your daughter! Hope her party is wonderful!!

  32. Yashira says

    I LOVE these cookies and what a great tutorial. Thank you for sharing ;-)
    I don’t know if anyone already asked this question, but I wanted to know if the ruffle are royal icing? if not, will I be able to stack my cookies because I am doing owls cookies for a best friend but I have to ship them to her.

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