Pretty Turkey Cookies

Turkey number nine is here. He is a bit more traditional than the other turkey cookies I have shared because I thought it was time for a pretty turkey cookie. And, I just got this new cutter from Fancy Flours and realized as I was removing it from the package and got a look at it when it was held sideways, it looked like a turkey.

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Cute Turkey Cookies

Cute Turkey Cookies via

Here is turkey cookie number eight! Can you tell what cookie cutter this cute turkey cookie was made with? I will give you a hint. Some people like turkey and "dress-ing" for Thanksgiving. Not stuffing. Dress-ing! Do you know what it is yet? … [Continue reading...]

Super Simple Turkey Cookies

Super Simple Turkey Cookies via

If you have been following along then, you know that I am doing a little something different for Thanksgiving cookies this year. I have decided to make ten different turkey cookies with ten different cookie cutters. The plan was to do it in ten days but, hey, life happens and it is taking me longer that I had planned. It will be okay as long as I … [Continue reading...]