Baby Bunnies

I love the baby cookie cutter by Karen’s Cookies. Every time I look at it I see something different. I have about 20 different bunny cutters but, I had to make baby bunnies with it. It seemed appropriate to make baby bunnies with a baby cutter don’t ya think? And they are just in time for Easter.

Baby BunniesI used royal transfers eyes, hearts and bunny hands for these and it made them super easy. With the transfers and a little disco dust, you can makes these cute baby bunnies in no time.

Baby Bunnies Supply List:

Baby Cookie Cutter
Rabbit Head Cookie Cutter
Royal Icing Transfer Eyes
Royal Icing Transfer Heart
Royal icing Transfer Hands (optional)
White and Pink Icing 15 Second Icing
Rainbow Disco DustBaby BunniesCut out a baby and cut off it’s head with the bunny cutter.
Then, cut out a bunny head and place it on the body. If you place them snugly together, they will stay after they bake.
If you want a bend in the ear, cut the tip off, and cut another ear out of the dough to bake. You need a separate ear because it looks funny and short if you use the one you trim off.

Baby-BunniesOnce you bake and cool your cookies, outline the baby bunny with the white icing.
Then, flood the body and add the royal icing hands or, you can let it dry a little then pipe the hands straight on the bunny. Flood the tip of the ear.
Next, flood the rest of the baby bunny.
While the head is wet, add the royal icing eyes and heart nose. For a royal icing tutorial for the nose, click here.
Next add the tip of the ear to the wet head. Let it dry for a few hours.
With the pink icing, pipe the paws on the feet and sprinkle with disco dust.
For the ears, use the pink icing and the brush embroidery technique. Sprinkle with disco dust while it is still wet and tap off the exc

Baby-BunniesThey are really simple and you only need 2 colors of icing if you have royal icing transfers. If you are in a hurry and don’t have the eyes and nose, get creative. Use beads for the eyes and you could pipe a pink heart nose and sprinkle it with disco dust also.

Happy Easter! I hope you have a great weekend with your families!

Happy Creating,