How to Make Cookies Look Like a Rustic Cake

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Were you a June bride or groom? My husband and I eloped in September many, many years ago. I always considered June to be month for weddings but August, September, October and December have been growing in popularity over the past few years. September was a great month to get married and I have never regretted eloping but I do wish we would have had Pinterest back then.

Mostly because you can find amazing wedding ideas like these rustic cakes. If I would have been a cookie decorator way back then, I would have made these rustic cake cookies and might have chose to have a traditional wedding instead of eloping…nope! I am an eloper but I could have still passed out these rustic cookies to everyone in the wedding chapel.

You know what else we didn’t have back then? Cookie books like Cookie Craft. It was the first cookie book that I owned because a dear friend bought it for me. It was full of decorating tips and cookie inspirations. It was a great gift and actually the inspiration for these cookies.Simple Rustic Cakes Cookies [Continue reading…]

How to Make These Happy Little Mermaid Cookies

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A few weeks ago I had someone ask me to make little mermaid cookies for them. I don’t have a mermaid cutter so I turned to Google to see if I could purchase one. I really didn’t see any that I liked enough to order. Thinking back, I have seen people use fish cookie cutters to make them, but I wanted to use a different cookie cutter.  How to Make These Happy Little Mermaid Cookies via [Continue reading…]

Daisy Cookies with Simple Ladybugs

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> Spring has arrived and is in full bloom. Everywhere I look I see beautiful flowers popping up showing off their vibrant colors and unique shapes. If you haven't stopped to smell the roses or even to took a moment to see how beautiful nature is, you need to do it today. You won't be disappointed. Living in the mountains you see all kinds of … [Continue reading...]

Puffer Fish Cookies

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I want to tell you a story about a vacation a long, long time ago. We went to Destin, Florida and stayed at this amazing resort. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the privilege of staying at. The view was amazing, the grass looked like it belonged in a golf course everything looked like it belonged on the cover of a magazine. … [Continue reading...]