How to Hold an Airbrush Gun

Do you have an airbrush gun? Is it still in the box? Come on now, we have talked about this! Maybe it is my fault it is still in the box. I realized the other day I should have more tutorials that encourage you to feel confident and comfortable when you are airbrushing cookies. The way we feel confident is learning the basics forwards and backwards. Simple things like how to hold an airbrush gun can make or break your design especially when you use a stencil. How to Hold an Airbrush Gun by [Continue reading…]

Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush

Stenciling Cookies with an Airbrush Gun via

I was a busy girl this weekend! I outlined and flooded a bunch of  bunny rabbit cookies and set up my airbrush gun had a great time stenciling cookies and making some airbrushing videos to share with you. Not just videos like, "Hey, watch what I can do" videos. These are going to be videos that will help you get the results you want with your … [Continue reading...]